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The Surprising Truth about Rewards in Today’s Market

Over the last few decades, most areas of HR have changed dramatically. There have been major transformations in some areas of reward too, for example, in recognition and new wellbeing benefits. However, the main focus of reward, particularly around fixed and variable compensation has changed very little.

This lack of change in rewards is quite understandable as this can be a risky area to make changes in. Employees and candidates have existing expectations based on their experience, and where these expectations are not met, firms can suffer badly. However, there is so much change underway in today’s business world, that the risks of not innovating reward are stacking up against the risks of making changes.

This webinar will review the factors that need to be reviewed and the sorts of changes that may be relevant. Opportunities for organizations to plan their own bespoke changes will also be discussed.

Key Takeaways

The drivers of changes in employee rewards

The main opportunities to make employee rewards more impactful

How to create a best fit strategy for a particular organization

How to manage the ever changing needs of your employees