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Investing in Talent – Driving Employee Growth Through Upskilling and Recognition

60% of CEOs say that a strong upskilling program positively impacts their company culture. In today’s world of work, staying competitive means investing in our most valuable asset: our employees. Discover how to cultivate a Culture of Learning that drives organizational success. 

Join Bucketlist Rewards and our friends at Absorb for an interactive webinar featuring an expert panel of L&D leaders to explore the critical importance of upskilling, effective methods for incentivizing growth and learning, and the pivotal role of recognition in shaping behaviours and driving tangible results.

You’ll Learn:

The latest research on why upskilling is such an essential part of today’s employee experience. Understand the most prevalent challenges companies face around upskilling

Strategies that incentivize employee growth, including the most effective ways to integrate gamification into the learning experience 

How to unlock the impact of rewards and recognition to drive professional development programs in your organization