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Building a Culture of Recognition for a Distributed Team

Studies show that over 50% of employees working from home haven’t felt much appreciation from their employers since they stopped commuting. In fact, 83% of remote employees feel disconnected from their workplace culture.

As leaders, how can we build a culture where employees feel genuinely recognized and appreciated?

One of the best tools to foster belonging and well-being is encouraging peer recognition. But recognition goes beyond acknowledging someone for a job well done; it involves building a culture where an individual’s value as a whole human is recognized.

Join us as we share insights and strategies that you can implement in your organization to build an impactful Culture of Recognition in a remote or distributed workplace.

Key Takeaways

What does an engaging Culture of Recognition look like? Why is it so important in a distributed workplace?

Recognizing the “Whole-Human” – moving beyond work-related recognitions

Tools and strategies for building a Culture of Recognition for a distributed team