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Building a Culture of Appreciation: How to drive employee engagement through Recognition & Rewards

Over 32% of employees quit their roles due to poor company culture. And when faced with global challenges like the “Great Resignation/Great Reshuffle”, the rise in remote work, and economic downturn, it can feel more challenging than ever to foster a workplace culture that boosts morale.

The secret to cracking the code on employee engagement? Creating a Culture of Appreciation.

Showing gratitude and recognition is a top way to keep people engaged. How can organizational leaders build a Culture of Appreciation that improves employee happiness in the workplace?

Join Bucketlist Rewards and Shannon Meijer, the VP of Human Resources at Contract Pharmaceuticals Limited, in a deep dive on the topic of how Recognition and Rewards programs can drive employee engagement. In this session, you will learn tangible strategies to build an engaging workplace culture.

Key Takeaways

Industry Trends: Top HR challenges during the “Great Resignation”, the “Great Reshuffle”, the rise in remote work, and times of economic downturn

Strategies to help support, engage and retain your team

3 high-impact tactics to implement a successful Recognition and Rewards program

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