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Becoming a Culture Leader: Rewards & Recognition in a whole-person Workplace    

Every single business leader I’ve talked to asserts that supporting employees as whole people is the key to long-term, sustainable success. Creating a Whole-Person Workplace helps you attract the best talent, who then stay with you, become increasingly engaged, and treat your customers as whole people as well.

-Scott Behson, Author of The Whole-Person Workplace

Join Bucketlist Rewards and Scott Behson, professor, consultant, and author in a deep dive into the profoundly positive impact that the Whole-Person mindset can have on workplaces, and how rewards and recognition (R&R) programs can help you build this type of culture. Through this session, attendees will take away ideas and strategies that they can implement at their own organizations.

Key Takeaways

What the “whole-person workplace” is and why every organization should implement it

3 ways to take the first steps toward a whole-person mindset

Strategies on how to use rewards and recognition as a tool to grow and support a whole-person workplace

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