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Becoming a Culture Leader: How to Build a Culture of Collaboration in a Distributed World

In a distributed world, it can be easy to feel isolated from our team; 70% of employees don’t feel that they are able to socialize enough when working remotely. In fact, over 90% of executives said that culture and connection are lacking for their remote team members.

Collaboration is key to an engaging culture and it’s something that requires intentional investment. So, how can we build a Culture of Collaboration that helps employees feel connected to each other?

Join Bucketlist Rewards and Jim Kalbach, Chief Evangelist at MURAL in a deep dive into the topic of using digital tools to build a collaborative culture. In this session, you will learn tangible strategies to make fun human connections an ongoing workplace habit and take away templated examples that visualize collaborative work between distributed team members.

Key Takeaways

Ideas on making connections with colleagues an ongoing, regular part of team interaction

Strategies to bring play and fun to work!

How to visualize your work together for more transparency, engagement and connection

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