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Ask an Expert: What’s the secret to building successful workplace cultures?

2022 was a year full of change, and uncertainty. Amid global challenges like the “Great Resignation”, “Great Reshuffle” and economic downturn, a lot of energy was devoted to discovering what the best “new normal” looks like for your team.

What kind of team culture is the most engaging and supportive? What does a successful culture look like?

Join Bucketlist Rewards and Agata Zasada, Senior VP of People Experience at Paystone, and Jerry Gratton, Co-Founder & Chief People Officer at Trailblaze Partners, in a deep dive into lessons learned from 2022 on the topic of building successful workplace culture. In this session, attendees will take away ideas and strategies that they can implement at their own organizations.

Key Takeaways

3 key lessons from 2022 on how to build successful workplace cultures

The top culture and employee engagement trends to watch out for in 2023

High-impact tactics and frameworks that every Culture Builder should have in their toolbox

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