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Recruitment and retention

Attract and retain the world’s best

Compete for top talent and keep them smiling with meaningful recognition and unmatched rewards.

Avoid the costs of employee turnover

Replacing an employee can cost up to 213% of their salary! But hey, we’ve also got positive data: 69% of those planning to quit their jobs would stick around if their company offered recognition and rewards.

Wow Talent With Personalized Rewards

In a sea of free pens and coffee mugs, you can stand out with rewards people really want! Choose from over 4000 options to attract new talent and keep your current team happy.

Provide Recognition On The Regular

Many folks quit their jobs due to lack of recognition. Ditch the once-a-year feedback cycles for frequent, meaningful gestures of appreciation.

Boost Engagement With A Point System

Our customizable point system is a great way to incentivize team members to stay engaged. In addition to receiving points, you can let them dish ‘em out, too!

“When we onboard new staff and have a program like Bucketlist, we stand out. We have that community feel and we care about each other. New staff see that in their first 5 days of employment.”

Anne H., VP of Retail Services,
UT Federal Credit Union

Popular features for keeping talent happy

Where to start? Other people-first companies found these tools useful!

Peer-To-Peer Recognition

Manager-To-Employee Recognition

Automated Milestones

Spot Awards

Personalized Rewards

Custom Point System

Impress your people without added work


Gain a supportive partner

Pilot, launch, and improve your R&R program with a dedicated team of experts by your side. (And at no extra cost, no matter your budget.)


Automate repetitive tasks

Leverage built-in automations to keep your program running like a well-oiled machine. Set reminders for birthdays, anniversaries, feedback cycles, and more.


Plug into your HRIS system

Bucketlist integrates with your favorite tools, making it easy to sync employee data and keep your program up to date. 

Get tips for employee recognition,motivation, and engagement

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