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Rewards and recognition software for finance

Easily boost morale and connection across your organization—no matter its size or locations.

Finding it hard to scale your R&R program?

Offering a personalized, meaningful employee experience ain’t easy—especially for large teams that span locations. Here’s how we can help make it possible without the added workload.

Stay On Top Of Milestones Using Automation

Grow your team without missing a birthday or workiversary. Integrate us with your HRIS system, set up automated rewards for special dates, and never look back. 

Strengthen Culture With Custom Rewards

Create custom awards that align with your values to encourage desired behaviors and celebrate your culture champions.

Boost Morale With Public Recognition

Whether your team is working from home or distributed across offices, keep the energy alive with group shoutouts, peer-to-peer recognition, and more.

“You can’t get an exact ROI, but you can’t imagine what would happen if you didn’t have the program. It’s so important to acknowledge each other. It’s been a really great program, I really can’t say enough good things about it.”

Anne H., VP of Retail Services
UT Federal Credit Union

Popular features for financial institutions

In this industry, rewards and incentives work wonders for boosting engagement. Check them out below.

Training Achievements

Company Awards

Performance Bonuses

Custom Point System

Gift Cards

Automated Milestones

In 3 months, First Bank saw 75% staff engagement and almost 600 recognitions given:

“You don’t always get to hear recognition directly from employees, but encouraging it through Bucketlist has been amazing for morale all around the company.”

Julianne Silletti
First Bank, Vice President/Human Resources Supervisor

Why finance companies choose Bucketlist Rewards

Building an effective rewards and recognition strategy is a lot of work! So we’re here to take care of you, too.


Complete Customization

From your rewards selection and point system to the platform experience, user roles, and permissions—it’s all configurable to your specific needs.


Industry-Leading Support & Experts

Gain a partner, not just a platform. With the highest NPS in the industry at 90, you can feel confident that you’re supported by the best.


Voted #1 Easiest to Use

We’re known on G2 as the easiest platform to use in the industry. Plug us into your HRIS system and messaging apps and you’re ready to rock.

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