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Rewards and recognition software for healthcare

Access the tools to ensure your hardworking healthcare workers feel cared for, too.

Experiencing low engagement or high turnover?

Healthcare workers are prone to feeling burnt out and overworked. A simple way to boost engagement and retention? Regular recognition and custom rewards.

Cultivate A Culture Of Recognition

With our recognition tools, anyone can provide positive feedback, anytime. More recognition means more opportunities to feel appreciated—and ultimately more smiles on your team’s faces every day!

Boost Engagement With Company Awards

Whether it’s to dial up the fun or reward hard work, custom company awards are a great way to boost engagement. Some of our customers’ favorites: Best Scrubs and Last Minute Shift Pick-Up!

Offer Points To Reward Hard Work

Healthcare workers put in the hours! Reward their hard work using a point system. When they rack up points, they can redeem ‘em for rewards they actually want. (This works great as an incentive, too.)

Turnover rates reduced to 40-50%

With an industry average of 85% turnover, retention is something that Home Instead values and is trying to improve for their company. 

“Bucketlist hit the mark on what we were trying to do.”

Home Instead

Popular features for healthcare companies

Happier, engaged workers lead to better patient experiences. Get started with these recommended tools.

Peer-To-Peer Recognition

Company Awards

Custom Point System

Wellness Achievements

Training Achievements

Performance Bonuses

Within months of launching, employee engagement rose to 91-95%

“We are absolutely amazed by the engagement we’ve gotten, it’s not just a number percentage of engagement, but it’s people coming to me a few times a week saying thank you so much for implementing this, it’s been a life changer for me.”

Jean Lynn, Director of Human Resources
Velocity Clinical Research

Why healthcare orgs choose Bucketlist Rewards


Complete Customization

From your rewards selection and point system to the platform experience, user roles, and permissions—it’s all configurable to your specific needs.


Industry-Leading Support & Experts

Gain a partner, not just a platform. With the highest NPS in the industry at 90, you can feel confident that you’re supported by the best.


Voted #1 Easiest to Use

We’re known on G2 as the easiest platform to use in the industry. Plug us into your HRIS system and messaging apps and you’re ready to rock.

Smile! You’re doing great things for your workplace

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