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Culture and values

Strengthen your culture and values

Build a company culture that’ll attract, motivate, and retain a team of all stars.

Worried your culture is slipping?

When it comes to retaining employees, culture matters. Yet only 22% of employees feel connected to their company culture. Here’s how we can help you build that connection:

Reward Behaviors That Embody Your Values

When it comes to values, every company talks the talk. But how do you get team members to walk the walk? Use custom awards or branded swag to incentivize desired behaviors. 

Automate Milestones And Special Events

Never miss a birthday or anniversary again. The cherry on top? Celebrate the occasion with a personalized reward, shoutout, branded swag, and more. 

Engage And Involve Your Team Members

Make it easy for your team to join in. Team members have the opportunity to give peer-to-peer recognition and nominate others for awards. They can also earn points when they boost, comment, or like a recognition.

movista team

“A lot of companies list out their company values, they put them on a website, they put them in their handbook – but there’s no way of making sure that they’re actually lived out as the company scales. For us Bucketlist’s customizability helped us to ensure we’re incentivizing folks living out the values that our leadership team has put out there.”

Movista Team

Popular features for culture building

Where to start? Other people-first companies found these tools useful!

Peer-To-Peer Recognition

Manager-To-Employee Recognition

Shoutouts & Reactions

Milestone Celebrations

Achievement Awards

Award Nominations

Focus on your people—we’ll do the rest


Gain a supportive partner

Pilot, launch, and improve your R&R program with a dedicated team of experts by your side. (And at no extra cost, no matter your budget.)


Automate repetitive tasks

Leverage built-in automations to keep your program running like a well-oiled machine. Set reminders for birthdays, anniversaries, feedback cycles, and more.


Plug into your HRIS system

Bucketlist integrates with your favorite tools, making it easy to sync employee data and keep your program up to date. 

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