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Leverage the power of recognition

Meaningful recognition goes a long way. Appreciate your people and watch their productivity, engagement, and loyalty soar.

The perks of investing in recognition software?


Boost Productivity

Celebrating great work motivates employees to go the extra mile. In fact, 80% of employees agree that they’d work harder following positive feedback. 


Shape Your Culture

Tie recognition to your core values to celebrate and reinforce desired behaviors. 92% of workers are more likely to repeat an action after receiving recognition for it. 


Increase Retention

Lack of appreciation is the number three reason why employees leave their jobs. Regular positive feedback is a simple, cost-effective way to improve retention rates.

In 3 months, the First Bank team gave out 600 recognitions!

“Seeing managers recognize not only their staff, but staff in other departments is super refreshing. You don’t always get to hear recognition from a manager so directly, but having it real time, ‘Thank you for what you did, great job, and keep up the good work’ has been amazing for morale all around the company.”

Julianne Silletti
First Bank, Vice President/Human Resources Supervisor

Recognition—your (team’s) way

Recognition isn’t one-size-fits all. What form of appreciation would your team like best?

Manager-To-Report Feedback

Encourage regular, positive feedback between managers and their reports with time-based reminders.

Peer-To-Peer Shoutouts

Build recognition into your culture with easy, accessible ways to shout out one another.

Awards And Celebrations

Recognize every achievement—from crushing a quota to hitting an anniversary.

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