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Offer rewards your team actually wants

Wanna know how to boost employee performance, satisfaction, and loyalty all at once? Personalized rewards. And we make it easy with 4000+ options.

Why prioritize a rewards program?


Improve performance

Research shows that competitive rewards programs produce a 27% gain in employee performance. Scratch their back and they’ll scratch yours!


Boost satisfaction

Yes, generalized rewards are a thing of the past. In this study, 47% of employees shared they want to receive spontaneous, personalized rewards instead.


Increase loyalty

Especially among Gen Z and Millennial folks! According to this study, 79% of employees say an increase in recognition rewards would make them more loyal to their employer.

Awarded The Great Place to Work Certification™

“When choosing an employee rewards and recognition program we knew we needed something that could not only enhance our culture but also boost performance. Our people also wanted a way to recognize each other – so we needed a tool that could combine all of these things in order to improve employee satisfaction across the board.”

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Highlight Technologies

Rewards—your (team’s) way

With over 4000 options, you can create a reward program that’ll wow your team, align with your culture, and fit your budget. 

Custom Rewards

Choose from local and global options—or design your own company rewards (VIP parking spot, anyone?)

Custom Experiences

If material prizes aren’t their thing, you can help them check something off their bucket list, like skydiving!

Gift Cards Or Donations

For some, a cash prize—or cash donation to their favorite charity—is the greatest gift. 

Interested? Here’s what’s next


Meet with one of our retention and culture experts to learn how we can help you build your dream program. (You’ll also score a sneak peek of the platform!)


Ready to design and launch your program? You’ve got a dedicated team to guide you through the process based on your needs and budget.


Integrate us with your existing HRIS and tools. Experience a smooth-as-butter launch and feel confident employee data is always up to date.

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