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Retention Tool for Employees

for Employees

Offering rewards encourages employee satisfaction and improves retention. Let your employees choose from over 2,576 rewards, or make requests for new rewards.


Employees and managers can recognize and reward teammates for specific achievements. 

Team Building

Create an enjoyable company culture by setting fun team goals for your employees to achieve together.

Data &

Detailed dashboards and reports show where to focus motivational efforts for employee encouragement and ensure retention of employees.

Make Employee Rewards and Recognitions Easy

Target Rewards

Encourage employees with setting targets and reward teammates for hitting goals.

Anniversary & Milestone Rewards

Reward employees’ retention by offering rewards for events like work anniversaries and birthdays.

Zero Mark-up on Rewards

Recognize high performing team members by setting up nominations and letting employees vote for a winner.

Success Training

Our experts will work with you to maximize employee engagement at no additional cost.

Enterprise Integrations

Employee retention software easily integrates with G-Suite and Office 365, so you can reward your team from other platforms.

No Markup on Rewards

Implementing retention strategies for employees doesn’t have to cost you. There’s never a markup for rewards.

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What to Expect With BucketList
Employee Retention Software

Reduction in voluntary employee turnover rates.
Average employee satisfaction across 300 reviews.
Ease of use from 80+ clients

Your Team Deserves Rewards!

To drive productivity, create excitement in the office, and reduce turnover, reward your employees with the prizes they really want and enhance your business’ overall retention of employees.

  • Retention Incentives for Employees

Let your team choose rewards they’ll actually be excited to win.

  • Create a Better Company Culture

Turnover costs are expensive without a viable plan for employees’ retention. Companies with more enjoyable, positive cultures retain employees longer.

  • Get Everyone Involved

Build a community where everyone can see results, get involved, and reward others for good work.

  • Create Unique Experiences

Build stronger bonds with teammates by getting employee feedback – start offering truly unique rewards that your team will be excited to earn.


Why BucketList Is the Best Employee Retention Solution

With tools, features, and employee retention software that helps you with the tricky task of talent management, you’ll be able to offer specific rewards without breaking your budget or compromising on prizes.

  • Offer Rewards Your Team Actually Wants

Your team votes for the rewards they want, and we populate the rewards based on the best-priced options.

  • Expert Assistance

Our experienced team will help you roll out the software and begin using the best retention strategies for employees used at other companies.

  • Save Money Motivating Your Team

With BucketList, there are NO markups. We negotiate with vendors to get the lowest possible price on all retention incentives for employees – that’s the price you see.

  • Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy with BucketList after 90 days, we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Case Studies

See how Bucketlist employee bonus incentives helped O2E Brands boost overall employee productivity by 25%, and help them fulfill their personal goals.

See how easy it was for BuildDirect to implement employee recognition incentives, and why it gets a 94% engagement rate from their employees.

See how AdvisorWebsites uses employee incentive motivation to attract top talent, and how more than 80% of employees reached their recognition goals.

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Bucketlist isn’t just employee recognition software; it’s a culture-building platform. End high turnover rates by building your business into a place where people love to work. Start your free trial today!