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Motivate Your Teams With Rewards They Actually Want, And Utilize Software To Monitor Employee Productivity.

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BucketList Employee Productivity Software


Set targets to improve productivity and instantly reward teammates for hitting goals.


Employees can choose from over 2,576 rewards or request new incentives they don’t see. 


We’ll train your team to maximize engagement and boost employee productivity at no additional cost.

Data &

Use BucketList to increase employee productivity. Software dashboards and reports help you focus motivational efforts where they’re needed most.

Outstanding Features

Peer-to-Peer Recognitions

Employees and managers can recognize and reward teammates for specific wins.

Team Building Competitions

Managers set team goals and employees all win together by hitting the target.

Team Nominations

Setup nominations and let your team vote for their choice of winner.

Anniversary & Milestone Rewards

Automatically send rewards to people for key dates like birthdays and anniversaries.

Enterprise Integrations

Employee productivity statistics software integrates with Gsuite and Office 365, and lets you reward your team from other platforms.

No Markup on Rewards

To help you control your budget, there’s never a markup on rewards. The price we negotiate from the vendor is the price you see.

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What to Expect With BucketList
Employee Retention Software

Average increase in productivity.
Ease of use across 80+ clients.
Reduction in voluntary employee turnover rates.

Rewards Don’t Motivate Employees – the Right Rewards Do.

Not all rewards are created equal. To truly motivate your team and increase productivity in the workplace, offer rewards your team actually wants.

  • Give the Right Rewards
    Let your employees choose the rewards they want, and they’ll be twice as motivated to win them.
  • Offer Unique Experiences
     Gift cards make great incentives, but they’re not the only ones! Offer rewards that your employees will be excited about.    
  • Get Everyone Involved
    People work harder when they’re invested in something. Create a company culture where everyone collaborates and rewards each other for great work.

Why BucketList Is the Best Employee Productivity Software.

Not only is BucketList’s employee productivity monitoring software easy to use, it’s also packed full of features to keep track of the productive and unproductive areas of your business.

  • Monitor Productivity
     Use BucketList’s employee productivity measurement software to track the effectiveness of your rewards system.
  • Build Company Culture
    BucketList isn’t just software to track employee productivity, it’s a culture-building platform. If the workplace is enjoyable, employees will work even harder.
  • Reward Your Team From Any Platform
    Adding one more thing to keep track of isn’t productive. That’s why BucketList can integrate with your existing software like Gsuite, Office 365, Slack, and much more.
  • Control Your Budget
    With BucketList’s employee productivity tracking software, there are never markups on rewards. The price we negotiate from the vendor is the price you get.

Case Studies

See how Bucketlist employee bonus incentives helped O2E Brands boost overall employee productivity by 25%, and help them fulfill their personal goals.

See how easy it was for BuildDirect to implement employee recognition incentives, and why it gets a 94% engagement rate from their employees.

See how AdvisorWebsites uses employee incentive motivation to attract top talent, and how more than 80% of employees reached their recognition goals.

Reward your employees

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