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Reach new heights with custom incentives

Take a tailored approach to your incentives—but get the same results: improved engagement, consistent behaviors, and peak performance.

Do incentives really work? They sure do


Boost Engagement

Looking for new ways to engage your team? Participation in incentive programs are trending upwards (from .5 percent in 2015 to 32 percent)!


Reinforce Desired Behaviors

92 percent of workers are more likely to repeat an action after receiving recognition for it. Work incentives are a great way to create this loop!


Improve Performance

Got big goals or targets this year? Properly constructed incentive programs can increase performance by anywhere between 25 and 44 percent.

“Bucketlist is a great way for companies to give extra incentives for employees that they can use towards goals!”

-Sophia J., G2 Reviewer

Incentives—your (team’s) way

Design a custom incentive strategy that’ll motivate your people,

all while staying on budget.

Company Awards

Create custom awards based on your company goals and manage nominations all from our platform.

Point System

Keep team members engaged with a point system. The more points they rack up, the bigger the rewards!

Gift Cards 

Our gift cards are delivered digitally and available in most countries worldwide. (Psst—this is a great option for remote teams!)

Interested? Here’s what’s next


Meet with one of our retention and culture experts to learn how we can help you build your dream program. (You’ll also score a sneak peek of the platform!)


Ready to design and launch your program? You’ve got a dedicated team to guide you through the process based on your needs and budget.


Integrate us with your existing HRIS and tools. Experience a smooth-as-butter launch and feel confident employee data is always up to date.

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