Our platform makes it easy and fun for employees and managers to recognize and reward one another for milestones and achievements. Unlike any other recognition program Bucketlist enables companies to reward employees the way they want resulting in a 97% product satisfaction score.


Our program makes it easy and fun for employees and managers to recognize one another.

On our platform you can create custom awards or choose from our existing library of ideas like innovation awards, sales award or core value award.

Peer to Peer

With our peer to peer program employees and managers can easily recognize one another in the moment.

Spot Bonuses

With our spot bonus program managers can easily recognize employee for their accomplishments. Managers can add a personal touch with a note and team members can pile on the praise.
Core Value Awards
Innovation Awards
Custom Awards

Redemption and Rewards

Reward your employees in a way that matters. With bucketlist employees can choose from thousands of options or create their own reward.

Events and Team Building

Kiss boring events goodbye. Bucketlist events can be setup around shared employee goals. We handle everything from invitations to thank you notes. One of the most powerful ways for people to connect is through shared experience.

Employees are happiest when companies invest in experiences rather than material items. Watch employees bond and new friendships bloom.


Get detailed reports to see how your program is performing. Easily get insights into employee engagement, satisfaction budgeting and overall performance.

Training and Support

We provide full training and support for all our customers. We’ll work with you to define your goals, design your rewards and recognition program and train your team.

We’ll also provide monthly account management and support so you know how your program is performing at all times.

Slack Integration


We integrate with a number of platforms and tools like Slack and G Suite. Contact us to see a full list of integrations.

Want to learn how to build a recognition program that recruits and retains the best talent?

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