How Bucketlist Works

Employees can earn points for high performance and they can redeem these to achieve life goals resulting in higher employee engagement and lower turnover.

1) Reward Your Team Members

Employees or managers can easily recognize and reward their colleagues for living exemplifying core values or for outstanding performance.
Innovation Awards
Safety Awards
Core Value Awards

2) Employees Can Choose From Thousands Of Rewards

Reward your employees in a way that matters to them.

3) Find Local Or International Ideas

There’s no limit to the rewards you can offer your employees.

4) Your Employees Can Achieve Life Goals


Chris Li

“We decided as a group that we wanted to try out something that most of us haven’t done before – archery. It was awesome to learn a fun new skill as a group. Great bonding.” – Chris Li, Product Manager

Driving Supercars

Parker Thompson - Bucketlist User

“This experience was unreal. One of my favourite sounds in the world is a car engine shifting gears and there’s nothing like a convertible Ferrari shifting gears down the Sea-to-Sky.” – Parker Thompson, Customer Success

5) Employees Can Share Success Stories On Social Media

When your employees post about their success, it also promotes your employer brand.