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Rewards and Recognition
they Actually Want

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Features that Make Recognizing Employees Easy

Peer to Peer

Employees and managers can quickly recognize and reward team members for specific wins. 

Anniversary and
Milestone Rewards

Automatically send rewards to people for key dates like birthdays and anniversaries.

Team Building

Managers set team goals, and employees all win together by hitting the target.

Target Rewards

Set targets and instantly reward teammates for hitting goals. 

Customizable Rewards Board

Employees can pick from over 2576 rewards, or request new ones they don’t see. 

Team Nominations

Setup nominations and let your team vote for their choice of winner. 

Success Training

Receive training to maximize employee engagement (at no additional cost).

Enterprise Integrations

Integrations with G Suite and Office 365 let you reward your team from other platforms.

Data and Reports

Quickly see where to focus motivational efforts with detailed dashboards & reports.

Benefits of Employee Recognition and Rewards Software

Keep Costs to a Minimum

If you find a better price – we’ll match it.

Start with No Risk

With a 90 day happiness guarantee your money will be refunded if you’re not happy

Give More Rewards

You can give more rewards as we don’t mark them up.

Get Everyone Involved

You’ll have 100% participation, and we’ll help you get there from day one.  

Make Magical Moments

Create custom rewards like ‘dinner with the CEO’ for truly unique experiences.

Recognize from Anywhere

15 integrations let you recognize your teams from any device or system.

Employee Recognition & Rewards Statistics

Average increase in productivity.
Reduction in voluntary turnover rates.

The Employee Recognition & Rewards Software You’re Looking For

Drive more productivity and excitement in the office, and encourage your team by rewarding them with prizes they actually want.

  • Motivate Your Team with Rewards
    Let your employees choose the rewards they actually want, and they’ll be twice as interested in winning them.  
  • Build Company Culture 
    Have employees work together for shared goals, and set targets based on company culture objectives. 
  • Create Unique Experiences 
    Build strong bonds with employees by having unique experiences as rewards in the system. 
  • Get Everyone Involved in Something 
    Launch an internal social network where everyone sees the results, gets involved, and rewards each other for great work.
Employee recognition software youre looking for
best employee rewards

Why Bucketlist is the Best Employee Recognition Software

With our employee recognition app, you get tools and features that let you give more specific rewards more often, without breaking your budget or compromising with cheaper prizes. 

  • Endless Possibilities
    From gift cards to a local restaurant to sky-diving for 2; your team can pick & earn any reward they want. If it’s not on the list, we can add it!
  • Effortless Roll-Out
    You’ll receive help and guidance from day 1, so everyone gets involved and excited about the new employee recognition program.
  • Affordable Rewards
    Unlike most other employee recognition software apps, we charge NO markup on rewards. The price you see is the (negotiated down) price we got from the vendor.
  • Money Back Guarantee
    If you’re not completely happy with the Rewards Program after 90 days, just say so. We’ll give you a refund.

Employee Rewards Software Integrations that Let You Recognize Wins from Anywhere You’re Working.

Bucketlist works inside of the tools you use every day, making it easy for everyone to recognize awesome moments right when they happen.

  • Call Out Wins from Slack or Microsoft Teams
    Quickly send recognitions right from the chat tools your teams are using every day.
  • Recognize from Your eMail Inbox
    Bucketlist works right from Gmail and Outlook – so you can send recognitions without having to stop and break your workflow.
  • Automate Your HR Administration
    Connect to your HRIS and Bucketlist will automatically add new hires, anniversaries, and birthday celebrations.
  • Mobile Apps That Work on Any Device
    Whether your team uses iOS, Android, Mac, or PC – Bucketlist works the same on any device.  

Bucketlist works natively in Gsuite, Office365, Social Media, Most Intranets, and over 17 business & productivity apps

employee recognition tools

Real Time Dashboards: Spot Opportunities to Improve Retention Rates & Happiness

Bucketlist enterprise employee recognition software gives you dashboards and reports from across the company, so you can focus your team-building where it’s needed. 

  • Automate Performance Reviews
    Quickly pull up past recognitions and comments, and give your team deep and meaningful reviews. 
  • Focus Coaching Efforts
    See who is not getting recognized, and work on helping your whole team improve by supporting where it’s needed.
  • Track Costs
    See exactly how much you’ve spent on recognitions, and automatically generate reports for finance & budgeting. 
  • Grow Social Recognition
    Track engagement, and send gentle reminders to anyone who hasn’t logged in or sent a recognition in a while. 

Bucketlist has over 17 reports and dashboards that you can quickly pull up and review whenever you need and custom reports are available.