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Creating an Employee Recognition Program That Everybody Can Be Proud Of
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After going fully remote in 2020, Doctors of BC managed to create a new employee rewards system that kept their teams engaged throughout the pandemic. Here’s how they accomplished it.

About Doctors of BC

Doctors of BC is a voluntary association of 16,000 physicians, residents and medical students from across British Columbia. Featuring a core team of senior staff and committee members, the organization works tirelessly to support BC’s doctors so that they can make a difference in the lives of their patients.

Doctors of BC

The Challenge

In March 2020 Doctors of BC shifted their entire operation to remote working. Prioritizing the health and safety of their in-house teams meant that, almost overnight, the organization was forced to adapt. 

As a team that had previously spent most of their time in the office, Doctors of BC began to look at systems and processes within their organization that needed to be updated for the new normal – starting with their recognition and rewards program.

From “thank you cards” to a points-based recognition and rewards program, the organization’s engagement activity had traditionally been done face-to-face. But after a few months of working remotely, Doctors of BC soon realized that their old system was losing traction.


“We really needed something that was going to support everyone, and bring us all together as a community. Something that was going to foster recognition and help us celebrate together.” 

The Solution

Doctors of BC set up a dedicated project team to compare and contrast the leading online rewards and recognition platforms. After an in-depth analysis, Bucketlist came out on top.


Customization is key

Part of Bucketlist’s appeal was the fact that Doctors of BC could heavily customize the platform to suit their specific goals and requirements. 

Functionality like the ability to allocate budgets and track spending were key features for the organization’s leadership, while branded dashboards and personalized awards helped its people to make Bucketlist part of their everyday lives. 


“The whole platform is so customizable – we were able to match our colours, embed the program and make it align with our values. I don’t think there’s a feature that we don’t use.” 


Rolling out the new program 

As well as integrating Bucketlist into their organization, Doctors of BC also had to launch the new rewards and recognition program to their people. 

Through regular meetings with a dedicated account manager, they were able to work closely with Bucketlist to realize their vision and seamlessly integrate the program into internal processes.

The next challenge was bringing it to life. Doctors of BC began to build excitement around the platform early on. An announcement by the CEO and a town hall to discuss the upcoming changes laid the foundations for a big reveal.

Fittingly, Doctors of BC officially went live with their new rewards and recognition program on Employee Appreciation Day, and gave each of their team members a gift card to help them to launch their Bucketlist accounts. 


“One of the reasons we chose Bucketlist was because of the name. To really focus on experiences and not just monetary rewards” 

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Doctors of BC
Employee recognition

The Results

Engaged people 

The most striking impact of Bucketlist’s implementation has been on employee engagement. In fact, according to recent pulse surveys, Doctors of BC’s team members feel they are better able to recognize each other’s achievements since the platform was launched.

More importantly, the platform has also become a hub. A place where people can come together to not only celebrate their professional achievements, but also their own personal milestones. 


“When I have a hard day I go to the Bucketlist platform and read the recognitions that everybody is getting and the celebration across the organization.” 


Insight across the organization 

After its launch, people were so excited to use Bucketlist that they didn’t just recognize the efforts of their immediate team – they celebrated colleagues from across the entire organization. 

For Doctors of BC, this kind of peer-to-peer engagement has been invaluable. It’s broken down silos by creating a community of recognition where every member of the 280-person team can celebrate each others’ success.


“I don’t think I would change anything, I am so proud of the program.” 

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