Customer Success Stories

“Helping your staff fulfill their goals improves productivity, engagement, and overall job satisfaction.”

Brian Scudamore,

Founder and CEO at O2E Brands

Client Testimonials

As a tech company we’re always looking for ways to keep our team fired up. This was, by far, the most popular program we’ve had this year. People love the recognition and the ability to knock things off their bucketlist.

Alex Wingert,
Director of Culture, Advisor Websites


Bucketlist is a culture building platform. It’s a great way to align staff members around values and key activities. It’s also a ton of fun. From an ownership perspective I’m always interested in recruiting and keeping great people and this is the best tool I’ve found.

Nick Popoff,
CEO, Gem Hospitality Group

Client Case Studies

O2E Brands

O2E Brands created a consistent rewards and recognition program across all its business units and locations, with specific focus on recruiting Millennials and reinforcing the company’s culture.

After a corporate restructuring process, BuildDirect used Bucketlist to engage and energize its team with an easy-to-use platform that resulted in high employee participation.

Advisor Websites turned to Bucketlist to reinforce its core values of focusing on customer and employee success, positioning itself as an “employer of choice” to recruit and retain the best talent.


Employee Testimonials

Archery Lessons

“We decided as a group that we wanted to try out something that most of us haven’t done before – archery. It was awesome to learn a fun new skill as a group. Great bonding.”

Chris Li

Chris Li
Product Manager

Driving Supercars

“This experience was unreal. One of my favourite sounds in the world is a car engine shifting gears and there’s nothing like a convertible Ferrari shifting gears down the Sea-to-Sky.”

Parker Thompson - Bucketlist User

Parker Thompson
Customer Success

Redbull 400

“This was, hands down, the most fun race I’ve ever competed in. Over 600 people raced up an Olympic ski jump. It was awesome doing this with my friends at work. An unforgettable experience”

Lester Tiro - Bucketlist User

Lester Tiro
Partner Manager