2 Common Misconceptions: What Employees Actually Want May Surprise You

In an attempt to keep their most talented workers happy, managers and CEOs are thinking of fun ways to thank their employees. They give them Starbucks gift cards, hand out cash prizes, discount codes, coupons and more. The real question is, what do employees actually want?

Imagine yourself shopping for a birthday gift for your best friend. You care a lot about this individual and you want to get them the perfect gift. You do your research, you shop around but you just don’t know what to get them…

Building Great Corporate Culture: Interview with Damon Klotz

Companies are starting to recognize the importance of corporate culture and how it has an affect on company performance. Many people know the significance of corporate culture, but how is it done? What are the factors and trends that influence how corporate culture is being built? In our interview with Damon Klotz, he shares his ideas on best practices and insight on the topic.

We had the honour of interviewing Damon Klotz. He is the Head of Community, responsible for growing the community and corporate culture at Culture Amp…

5 Ways to Engage Millennials: What Really Inspires and Motivates

The Problem

Why is it so hard to engage millennials? The employee turnover ratio is worsening year by year and the job of a manager is getting more and more tough. Not only are they responsible for scoping and acquiring the best talent, they are also responsible for making sure workers are happy and that employee turnover rates are as low as possible.

There are more and more university graduates seeking for employment, Millennials will form half of the workforce by 2020…