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Case Study

Recognition Results: How Velocity Used Recognition To Reach Record Engagement Levels

Velocity team

Even the most thriving company cultures can benefit from a touch of innovation, especially when it comes to recognition and rewards. Velocity, a trailblazing company in the clinical studies domain, recognized the need to enhance its employee experience and foster a stronger culture of appreciation. Velocity sought a recognition and rewards program that would not only streamline employee interactions but also amplify engagement through meaningful rewards and recognition.

The call for transformation led Velocity to turn to Bucketlist Rewards for assistance.

About Velocity

Velocity, a beacon of excellence in clinical studies, operates with a mission to save lives through pioneering research and innovation. Garnering recognition as one of the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing companies for three consecutive years, Velocity has been at the forefront of crucial endeavors like furthering COVID- 19 studies and has played a major role in drug development that communities across the globe rely on.

With a sprawling workforce of 655 employees distributed across the United States, Velocity’s commitment to advancing medical knowledge is deeply ingrained in its core values. Velocity was once known as Meridian Clinical Research but in December of 2022, they were acquired and renamed Velocity, however, their commitment to furthering clinical studies and creating a strong culture of recognition continue to permeate throughout their new organization.

The Challenge

Our recognition program before wasn’t something that was consistent overall and it wasn’t something that people had control over but our recognition program now allows us to do that

Jean Lynn, Director of Human Resources at Velocity Clinical Research

Before implementing the Bucketlist rewards and recognition program, Velocity grappled with several challenges. At the time, their recognition and rewards program was being run by one individual who was tasked with organizing all of the rewards and recognition. This was a tedious task that proved to be even more difficult as the company grew larger. Velocity also found it challenging to find unique ways to stand-out as an employer and differentiate themselves from competitors.

They wanted to explore new ways of infusing joy and appreciation into the workplace and increase employee engagement to foster an environment that employees were excited to work in. As Velocity began to experience exceptional growth, it became apparent that they did not have the bandwidth to continue with their current system for recognition and rewards, and would need to find a program that was consistent, formalized and that employees would want to engage with. 

The Solution

People are so willing to give feedback about how the integration is going and how engaged people are and how excited they are about this new recognition program that we have

– Jean Lynn, Director of Human Resources at Velocity Clinical Research

Velocity evaluated several recognition and rewards programs before partnering with Bucketlist Rewards. The Bucketlist program successfully met all of Velocity’s needs, offered engaging rewards and provided seamless integration with Microsoft Teams, making it easier than ever for employees to use Bucketlist. After introducing Bucketlist to the rest of the organization, Velocity was pleasantly surprised to find engagement with the program quickly rose to levels between 91% and 95% within the first few months of adoption. Integration proved to be a success and employees began responding positively to the program and expressing how much they enjoyed being able to recognize and interact with their colleagues on a more personal level. 

The power of the Bucketlist platform extended beyond integration. Velocity was captivated by the diverse array of reward options offered on the platform, the ability to personalize experiences based on employee preferences and being able to embed their core values into every recognition. A distinctive aspect of the program that was well received by the organization was the integration of Velocity’s brand into the recognition process. Bucketlist helped to customize the recognition process by enabling the company logo to represent points that employees could both gain and give to their colleagues, further bonding Velocity’s core values and identity with acts of recognition. 

Achieving Goals and Overcoming Challenges: 

Velocity’s strategic launch of the Bucketlist recognition program was met with resounding success. The impressive engagement with the program underscored the program’s resonance with the employees. The program’s structure, built around Velocity’s four core values, provided a framework for meaningful recognition. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, the program empowered employees by enabling them to allocate their recognition points according to their preferences, creating a more personalized experience.

Sustaining Engagement and Success: 

The sustainability of the program’s success hinged on Velocity’s commitment to maintaining employee excitement and engagement. Unique rewards and experiences were instrumental in retaining interest, however, the cornerstone of the program’s sustainability was the innate enthusiasm of the employees. Their genuine appreciation for the recognition program transformed it from a corporate initiative into an integral aspect of Velocity’s culture.

Cultivating a Culture of Appreciation: 

Velocity embraced a holistic approach to integrating new employees into their culture of appreciation. By introducing Bucketlist in the onboarding process, they ensured that fresh hires were immediately exposed to the program’s significance. Moreover, the program’s integration into the interview process not only showcased Velocity’s commitment to employee well-being but also acted as a differentiator in attracting top talent.

The Impact

Velocity’s journey with the Bucketlist recognition program reaped substantial rewards. Jean Lynn, the Director of Human Resources at Velocity, explained that she often had employees thank her for bringing the program to Velocity, attributing life-changing experiences and heightened job satisfaction to its introduction. Jean also explained that employees adapted to the program very well, finding it easy to use and getting excited at the chance to recognize and be recognized by their colleagues.

Velocity was also able to tie the program to their culture of ‘giving,’ by incorporating options for employees to donate their points to charities and make an impact on the greater community. These meaningful and personalized rewards that reflected the wants and needs of the organization as a whole, enabled the adoption of the program to be so successful and continues to drive participation and engagement in the program. 

We are absolutely amazed by the engagement we’ve gotten, it’s not just a number percentage of engagement, but it’s people coming to me a few times a week saying thank you so much for implementing this, it’s been a life changer for me

 Jean Lynn, Director of Human Resources at Velocity Clinical Research

Through their partnership with Bucketlist, Velocity’s rewards and recognition program has elevated engagement in their culture of recognition, spread joy and it has helped to create a workplace that employees want to be a part of. By fostering a culture of appreciation and integrating innovative technology, Velocity has laid a strong foundation for continuous growth, engagement, and success in the ever-evolving landscape of modern workplaces.

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