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Case Study

Keeping Remote Workers Engaged through Employee Recognition

storable team

Faced with unprecedented obstacles, this innovative software company used employee recognition and rewards to keep remote workers engaged.

About Storable

Storable is a leading technology provider that delivers innovative solutions for the self-storage industry. Since its first steps in 1996, it has been on a journey to help operators run a better business, and today supports more than 25,000 facilities across the globe.

Storable Culture

The Challenge

Like so many companies Storable was forced to quickly pivot in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, shifting their 300 strong team to remote working as a result of the social distancing measures that were put in place. 

Overnight they had to change the way they operated. But beyond logistics, the organization also faced a bigger problem: how do you connect your employees when they’re forced to work apart? 

Storable recognized that their team was missing out on the kind of day-to-day interactions they’d once enjoyed in an office environment. They needed something that would enable their employees to interact with one another remotely, but they didn’t just want to put a bandaid on the problem. Instead they needed a long-term solution that would help to solidify their company culture.  

The Solution

The first thing that Storable did was transition their Office Manager, Nicole Tenneyuque, into a new role as Engagement Specialist, a position dedicated to connecting a team that was now spread across the entire country.

Even though Storable had already started using Bucketlist’s software to boost recruitment and retention, Nicole saw the potential to expand its use – transforming the system into a hub that continually reinforced the company’s culture in their new remote landscape. 

Originally we used Bucketlist as a platform for experiences, it was another perk that helped to bolster our great culture. But now that we’ve pivoted into a remote-first world it’s broadened it exponentially.

Rewards and recognition

Storable initially used Bucketlist as a tool to keep staff engaged and excited. Team members were recognized through “Storabills” a rewards system that enabled them to redeem exclusive experiences, giftcards, or donate to charity. The system was built with the help of Bucketlist who helped to specifically tailor the platform to their team’s needs, including fundraising efforts like their annual Movember campaign. 

Building a culture of engagement

With Bucketlist already enjoying significant uptake among employees, Storable took the platform to the next level, utilizing its peer-to-peer features to help connect team members at every level. 

Storable actively encouraged their people to engage with the platform, making it visible through communications and regular all-staff meetings. They even incentivized their team to participate, offering Storabills for people who completed and updated their profiles. Finally, the leadership team also promoted its use, creating a trickle down effect that made Bucketlist a key part of day-to-day operations throughout the entire company. 

People jumped into the peer-to-peer element wholeheartedly. I think they were looking for a way to say thanks to their peers, but it’s really nice that it’s public recognition so that everybody can see it. It’s even integrated into one of our Slack channels so that you can go in at any time and see all of the warm and fuzzy things that people are telling each other.

From there it evolved naturally. Eventually Storable found that it was actually their people who were governing how Bucketlist should be employed, coming up with fresh ways to use the platform to reward and recognize their peers. Fast forward to today and everything from referral bonuses to employee feedback is funneled through Bucketlist. 

The Results

Engaged employees

The biggest impact that Storable has seen since increasing their use of Bucketlist is in terms of employee engagement. In fact, the company has consistently received positive feedback from its team members, who have all praised the platform’s impact on the company’s culture. 

It’s not just anecdotally that the benefits are being felt either. During their most recent Employee Engagement Survey Storable scored incredibly highly, particularly in the area of company culture, despite the ongoing impacts of the global pandemic. It’s something that Nicole believes is testament to Bucketlist’s impact on the organization. 

Bucketlist is definitely one of the bigger reasons for why we’ve been so engaged with our employees and why we’ve got such good numbers on our last engagement survey.

Creating a community

Beyond employee engagement Storable has also seen continued month-on-month growth when it comes to their use of Bucketlist itself. Indeed, throughout the pandemic team members have taken it upon themselves to evolve how it is employed throughout the company. 

That evolution is most noticeable in the connections that are being built throughout the organization. Employees have even started using Bucketlist to engage with colleagues outside of their immediate teams, even going so far as to include contractors in their recognition. This has created a feel good factor throughout the entire company, building a community that’s made everyone feel like they’re a little bit more connected even if they’re thousands of miles apart.

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