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Case Study

Cracking the Remote Engagement Code: A Tech Company’s Journey to an Award-Winning Culture


OneMagnify has always prided itself on its award-winning company culture. Regularly voted among the best places to work, the shift to remote working posed a challenge to this inspirational employer: how do you recreate an exceptional office culture when your teams are working from home?

About OneMagnify

For more than half a century OneMagnify has built its reputation as one of the world’s most effective marketing and communications agencies. After originally starting life in Detroit in 1967, the organization is now spread across six offices in the US, China, India and Germany. Known for its enviable roster of clients alongside its award-winning culture, today OneMagnify is home to more than 600 professionals working across the globe.

The Challenge

Renowned for its company culture, OneMagnify was regularly featured among lists of the “Best Places to Work,” but then the pandemic hit. 

Like many companies, after going virtual OneMagnify struggled to keep their teams engaged. They also found it hard to replicate the kind of culture their people had enjoyed when they were working together in-person. Indeed from new starters to established employees, OneMagnify found that without the regular touchpoints of office life they were struggling to continue the game-changing environment they had so successfully built in a physical setting. 

A new approach was needed, one that would enable OneMagnify to connect their geographically diverse teams and close the gap between people and their purpose. That led them to Bucketlist.

We had to start getting more creative…so we started researching how to do virtual employee engagement, and after interviewing multiple programs Bucketlist was at the top of our list.

The Solution

After exploring the options available to them, OneMagnify turned to Bucketlist to introduce a new remote recognition program. They were attracted to the platform due to its user-friendliness, as well as the opportunities it provided to customize awards and also its competitive price point. 

Customizing the platform to fit their culture

When it came to implementing Bucketlist across their organization, OneMagnify wanted to customize the platform so that it was as unique as their in-office culture. 

The team quickly set to work to ensure the way they recognized their staff stayed true to the core principles of the company. Things like peer-to-peer recognition and anniversary awards helped to engage employees who were working remotely, but Bucketlist also helped to connect teams who were spread across the globe. 

It’s really cool to use a system that every single employee in every single one of our offices can use and redeem rewards for their great work.

OneMagnify employees can earn gift cards and experiences through Bucketlist, but the company also has plans to further customize the platform in the future. From employee swag and paid time off to unique experiences like lunch with the CEO, the company aims to use Bucketlist to reinforce the kind of culture their people enjoyed in the office. 

Putting the program into place

Working closely with the Bucketlist team, OneMagnify was able to make the integration of the new platform one of the most successful launches to date. 

Preparation was key. OneMagnify communicated the rollout to employees through regular emails and Town Halls, but Bucketlist took a hands-on approach when it came to familiarizing team members with the platform. 

Bucketlist’s team worked closely with admins to help them learn to use the platform effectively prior to launch. They also hosted training sessions for the company’s employees, directly answering any questions they had along the way. It created a seamless experience that meant that OneMagnify’s team members felt comfortable using Bucketlist from day one. 

It has been a crowd-pleaser for sure. Everybody loves Bucketlist, I haven’t heard one bad thing about it

The Results

After launching Bucketlist across their entire global operation, the platform has become an intrinsic part of life at OneMagnify. The ability to instantaneously reward people with points is something that has made everyone feel connected. OneMagnify has also made the platform a focal point of its Town Halls, placing recognition and core values front and center for the entire company. 

I think it’s why everyone in the company uses it because it creates excitement among all employees when they see it being talked about

Boosting engagement 

OneMagnify had a specific goal in mind when they turned to Bucketlist. So… has the integration of the platform helped to boost employee engagement? 

The answer is a resounding “yes.”

Today the company has more than 600 people on the platform with an engagement rate north of 60%, which they’re incredibly excited about. Bucketlist has also had a positive impact on OneMagnify’s recruitment and retention, becoming a vital tool that has helped to rebuild some of the connections they had lost by going remote.  

When getting this platform I never imagined people would be interacting with it on such a daily basis. This program has really increased our employee happiness…For anybody that’s on the fence about Bucketlist Rewards, I’d definitely say do it.

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