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Case Study

The New Norm: How Movista Made Recognition A Part of Their Everyday Routine

movista case study

How can you use employee recognition and rewards to create a culture of excellence and fuel your teams to do their best each and every day? That was the challenge facing Movista, a global SaaS provider for retail execution and workforce management.

About Movista

Movista may work in the tech space, with a SaaS platform that supports retail execution and workforce management, but at its heart is a team of people who are driven by a passion to make the lives of their customers easier.

Originally started in 2007, today the company serves more than 250,000 users across the globe supporting more than 1 million retail locations.

The Challenge

With an award-winning company culture, Movista was already recognized as one of the best places to work in North America. But they wanted to do more, specifically, they wanted to find a way to incorporate peer-to-peer recognition into their 85-strong team’s day-to-day routines.

As an employer, Movista takes the happiness of their people very seriously, making engagement a key pillar of their company culture. To that end, they conducted surveys of their staff to understand what was most important to them. One of those surveys revealed that peer-to-peer recognition was key.

More than 75% of their employees said it was important to have some form of recognition from their supervisors, while the vast majority (85%) said that peer-to-peer recognition was the most important to them. Movista decided to act, turning to Bucketlist to help build a customized rewards and recognition program that was as unique as they are.

When we hear something like that loud and clear, we decided to lean in and make sure that we’re supporting the needs of our team members

The Solution

After exploring the options available on the market Movista turned to Bucketlist to help them introduce a new peer-to-peer recognition program. The company was attracted to the platform for its cost-effectiveness, as well as the professional nature of the Bucketlist team who helped them to seamlessly implement their new program.

We wanted a solution that was technologically focused. We are a software company and our folks are used to that…We’re also very glued to Slack as a company. So the integration there was very helpful in helping us make the decision to choose Bucketlist.

Customizable awards

Working closely with Bucketlist, Movista has customized their awards to echo key company values and reflect their culture. There’s now a constant drip feed of recognition from daily peer-to-peer awards to monthly and annual MVPs. Movista also has special awards in place for birthdays and work anniversaries alongside friendly inter-team competitions spread throughout the year.

It’s not just the recognition categories that are unique either, the rewards themselves are too. Staff at Movista can earn experiences such as paid time off and tickets to local events, team members can even earn the opportunity to have their boss wash their car. This kind of creativity is fuelled by Movista’s Culture Comittee, who constantly brainstorm new ways to integrate Bucketlist with the company’s values.

A lot of companies list out their company values, they put them on a website, they put them in their handbook – but there’s no way of making sure that they’re actually lived out as the company scales. For us BucketList’s customizability helped us to ensure we’re incentivizing folks living out the values that our leadership team has put out there

The Results

Incredible feedback 

Movista worked closely with Bucketlist’s implementation team to ensure a successful roll out of the platform across the entire company. The team was engaged with the platform from day one and that engagement hasn’t waned over time, if anything it has only become stronger. 

Movista has experienced a steady increase in engagement from their teams, even during the pandemic, and Bucketlist has played a crucial role in boosting recognition across the company. One of the benefits that Movista hadn’t planned on however is the sheer number of connections that Bucketlist has helped to create across the company. Whether it’s within their own teams, or others from across the organization, Movista can go on the platform and see in real time how their people are connecting with one another. It’s something that helps to bind remote team members together, but it also benefits managers who have another metric to consider when it comes to employee evaluations. 

Our team loves it. It’s something that has become a part of their day-to-day, and they enjoy the fact that there is a public way to recognize individuals on their team, but also receive feedback themselves…

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