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Case Study

From Silos to Synergy: How Marmon Keystone Fostered a Culture of Connection with Recognition


About Marmon/Keystone

Located in Minneapolis, USA, Marmon/Keystone has been a trusted partner within the metal industry since it was formed in 1907. A lot has changed since the company first opened its doors more than a century ago, but one thing that hasn’t is its commitment to its most valuable assets – the company’s employees.

The Challenge

When it came time to update and replace their outdated employee rewards platform, Marmon/Keystone knew that they needed the right tool for the job. 

They wanted their new platform to create a buzz with employees while updating their rewards and recognition for the 21st Century. But they also needed the solution to be scalable, enabling them to seamlessly roll it out to more than 7,500 employees across North America. 

After analyzing various options on the market, Marmon/Keystone turned to Bucketlist to create a customizable solution that would level up their rewards and recognition across the entire organization. 

Marmon Keystone was looking for a new way to recognize our employees across the entire company…we were looking for a tool that was really up-to-date and exciting, and we took a look at a couple of different platforms and chose Bucketlist for all that it offered.

The Solution

Primarily Marmon/Keystone is using Bucketlist to reward employees for their achievements, however, they also have a number of custom awards that they give out alongside regular recognitions for birthdays and anniversaries. 

Working closely with their dedicated Bucketlist team, Marmon/Keystone was able to customize the platform to specifically meet their needs. 

Customizing the employee experience

Bucketlist’s success since being implemented at Marmon/Keystone is in part down to its high level of customization. The company has used the full suite of features to create a range of awards and recognitions that reflect its own values.

We have quite a few custom rewards that we give out to our employees.

Some of these are regular monthly items that recognize employees who have gone above and beyond. Marmon/Keystone has also worked with Bucketlist to create custom rewards for specific company programs. For example, they have developed custom rewards to recognize people who are excelling in their Safety Incentive Program, as well as specific badges that are designed to highlight new starters or people who have received a promotion. 

Putting the idea into action 

Setting up the platform was one thing, rolling it out across an organization with more than 7,500 staff was another. Working closely with Bucketlist, Marmon/Keystone was able to launch their new employee recognition platform in just a matter of weeks. 

Communication was key to ensuring a smooth transition. The company sent a wide variety of email blasts and newsletters to their employees in order to inform them of the upcoming change. These emails created a lot of hype about the platform, but also a lot of questions. So Marmon/Keystone also produced a series of videos that showcased Bucketlist in action, these snippets gave team members a line of sight on what the platform would look like and how they would be able to use it. 

This approach not only generated a lot of interest in Bucketlist, but also helped to ease any concerns that team members might have while transitioning from one platform to another. 

We really blasted out a whole lot of information prior to launch.

The Results

After rolling out the platform Marmon/Keystone made sure they monitored their employees to find out how successful it was and what impact it had on employee engagement. The reception was overwhelmingly positive. 

It was modern like a Facebook feed, and it was just easy to use so people were really excited to get in there and start recognizing their direct reports, their coworkers and their team members.

A positive reaction 

We’ve received nothing but great feedback on Bucketlist.

Perhaps the most important thing that Marmon/Keystone has witnessed since implementing Bucketlist across the organization is that people actually enjoy using it. They like to be connected to what’s happening in different areas of the company and to be able to quickly and easily celebrate successes.

The company’s seamless rollout has been a key part of that, but so has their relationship with Bucketlist’s implementation team. The two organizations formed a true partnership and Marmon/Keystone’s team knew that they could always call on Bucketlist’s experts to help them customize aspects of the platform or help implement it.

marmon keystone employee recognition event

Boosting employee engagement 

Bucketlist has really helped employee engagement overall, it has allowed us to blast out information about all the good stuff happening at our company.

​​Whether it’s a sales success, a customer success or simply someone going above and beyond, one of the biggest successes of Bucketlist since it has been employed at Marmon/Keystone, is the feel good factor it has created. 

The company is now able to share good news across the entire company, helping people to not only see how their own efforts impact the organization but also what their coworkers are achieving. It’s a powerful effect that helps everyone to feel connected to one another and the company’s core values. 

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