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Case Study

Reshaping Retention: Home Instead’s Secret to Outperforming the Industry

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How Home Instead Senior Care®, the leading global provider of in-home care, keeps staff engaged and build a world class culture

With over 900 staff spread across Wisconsin providing in-home care, Home Instead wanted a way to keep carers engaged.

Switching It Up

Knowing the value of recognizing and rewarding employees, Home Instead was originally using a different solution. Unfortunately it was a not-so-ideal experience, particularly with customer service, so Chris went looking for an alternative and found Bucketlist which had everything he was looking for.

We wanted a system that was as simple to use as possible

They were also looking for a platform that:

  • Integrated with other programs (i.e. Microsoft Outlook),
  • Had different technology types, such as a website and a mobile app,
  • Customizable features,
  • Ease of use from an administrative standpoint, and
  • Exceptional support and customer service.

Launching Bucketlist

Having used a reward and recognition platform before, the Bucketlist launch was quick and seamless. Home Instead provided training to all offices ahead of time, and created 1-sheets for new hires.

The Results Are In

Part of the decision to change to Bucketlist was for an easier to use platform. 

We want it to be so easy that when you want to redeem, you click ‘redeem’, and when you want to recognize, you click ‘recognize

Since launching the Bucketlist program in May 2019 in the following locations: Green Bay, Sheboygan, Madison, Appleton, Cedarburg, Racine & Kenosha, the usage has increased significantly, and Home Instead are currently giving out around 300 awards a month.

Some awards that are automatically distributed include;

  • Last Minute Pick-Up,
  • Late Notice Shift,
  • New CAREGiver, and
  • Monthly Office Safety Contest.

Staff receive points along with their awards, which they are able to redeem for a reward of their choosing.

When asked whether Bucketlist has solved the initial goals, Chris’ response was: “Absolutely. Bucketlist hit the mark on what we were trying to do.”

High Turnover

With an industry average of 85% turnover, staff retention is something that Home Instead value and are trying to improve for their company. Some Home Instead offices are down to 40-50% turnover, which is phenomenal!

Bonuses and gifting staff are easier now too, as they’re also funnelled through the Bucketlist platform.

home instead senior care

Staff Feedback

It’s good to know what Chris thinks of the platform, what do the staff think?

Staff feedback about the platform has been very positive.” said Chris. “At this point it [recognition] has become a part of the company. I only get feedback of ‘I need more points.

I love the program and really try and sell it to all my new CAREGivers during their orientation. I basically call it a bonus program for them. I explain how they give points and also gain points and how easy it is to redeem their points.

– Kelly, rated Bucketlist 10/10.

First time using this and impressed. Easy to navigate and lots of options to redeem. So I would rate it a 10, wonderful!

– Julie, rated Bucketlist 10/10.

Very easy redemption process and I love all the different selections you have.

– Kathy, rated Bucketlist 10/10.

A Little Bit Extra

Chris’ Quick Responses:

Favourite feature?
The ability to customize and make changes.

What components do you use?
Base level of the platform; recognition and rewards comprising of gift cards and donations.

What do you want to use more of?
The events feature.

What core values do you associate with recognition?
Instead of core values, Home Instead use ‘attributes’ which tie into their brand. Their attributes are patience, kindness, humility, respectfulness, selflessness, forgiveness, honesty and commitment. 

Anything extra to add?
Bucketlist is always quick to respond. The process of managing a staff vbnm` has 78-80% turnover and 1000 employees is a lot to handle, and the system has been able to work within that. We’re able to recognize new staff right away.

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