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Case Study

From Good to Certified Great: Highlight Technologies’ Recipe for Award Winning Culture

As an employee-owned business, Highlight Technologies is always looking for ways to improve its team’s experience. Recognition and rewards are crucial to this. So when it came time to upgrade their existing program, Highlight knew they needed a platform that could help them become more effective in this space. 

After turning to Bucketlist, it hasn’t just helped to boost engagement among their employees, it’s also helped to improve their culture too. Here’s how they accomplished award-winning results with our employee engagement and recognition platform.

About Highlight Technologies

Highlight Technologies is an award-winning, employee-owned, contractor that provides Digital Government and Mission Support services to more than 20 U.S. federal government customers. As an employee-owned operation, Highlight is proud to support the people behind its job titles. From wellbeing to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion the company always strives to support its people.

The Challenge

When choosing an employee rewards and recognition program we knew we needed something that could not only enhance our culture but also boost performance. Our people also wanted a way to recognize each other – so we needed a tool that could combine all of these things in order to improve employee satisfaction across the board.

Highlight had been looking at ways to support employee recognition for some time and knew that a digital platform was key to helping them boost engagement. The company already had an existing recognition platform in place, but it relied heavily on manual input and wasn’t suitable for their growing needs. 

After researching various employee rewards and recognition platforms, they chose Bucketlist because it offered the best solution for their needs. Something that really made Bucketlist stand out from the crowd was how easy it could be woven into Highlight’s existing processes. Indeed it provided a seamless transition into the company’s toolkit integrating with platforms like Microsoft Teams, Outlook and Sharepoint, which employees were already familiar with.

The Solution

We went right in and turned all of the features on in Bucketlist

Right from the beginning Highlight began to exploit the full spectrum of features that Bucketlist has to offer. Awards were heavily used with everything from Employee of the Month to Team of the Year. Highlight also created a whole host of custom awards covering everything from birthdays and Shooting Stars – recognizing someone who has grown personally as a leader –  to wellness awards and even Pet of the Month. Finally, the company used the Bucketlist leaderboard feature to gamify the platform creating some friendly competition among their teams. 

With so much to implement, Highlight leaned heavily on Bucketlist’s customer support team, who worked closely with them to support every aspect of the platform’s launch so that it was tailored specifically to their employees’ needs. That always-on 24/7 support was vital to getting the program off the ground, and Bucketlist has continued to support Highlight with regular connects to help implement different ideas and innovations for the platform. 

During the launch Highlight also used internal champions to help influence activity on the platform. Engagement ambassadors were tasked with helping to promote use and boost activity in the initial months following Bucketlist’s launch. Managers were also asked to lead by example, publicly recognizing employees in both team and company-wide meetings. 

The Results

An integral part of the organization

We’ve heard really great feedback from both managers and regular employees alike.

Like all changes within an organization, there was some initial hesitancy towards Bucketlist’s launch. But this was quickly overcome and the platform is now an integral part of Highlight’s employee engagement and recognition activity. 

For employees, the platform has given them a lot of visibility into other areas of the organization enabling them to see into each other’s work. Bucketlist has also given them a forum where they can show their appreciation and recognize people more publicly than they were able to before.

Managers too love that Bucketlist gives them line of sight across the entire organization – all they need to do is scroll through the feed to see what other departments are doing. The platform has also become an invaluable tool for increasing employee engagement as it provides regular opportunities to recognize their team members in a public forum. 

An award-winning success

We are ecstatic with our accomplishment and Bucketlist is a huge factor in how we were able to achieve that”

Highlight has used an annual employee engagement survey to gauge how satisfied its team members are. The survey is an important metric, not just for internal use but also to help achieve the company’s ambition to receive recognition for its employee experience.

Over the past couple of years, Highlight has come close to winning prestigious industry awards. But with the help of Bucketlist, they were finally named one of America’s best places to work. Awarded in 2022, The Great Place to Work Certification™ is a worldwide recognition of outstanding employee experience. It’s an achievement that Highlight is justifiably proud of and one that Bucketlist was happy to play a role in helping them to secure. 

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