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Employee Recognition

Unlocking the Power of Engagement: Five Part Series


In this series, we will provide you with a holistic view to leveraging an effective rewards and recognition program to drive an increase in your organization’s engagement. Recognition has long been known as a critical part of a successful workplace. However, as the traditional work environment has been disrupted by both technology and impacts from the pandemic, many organizations have been challenged to react quickly. A meaningful and well-constructed rewards and recognition program must:

  • Align activities to company values and business goals
  • Provide timely and meaningful feedback
  • Be authentic
  • Ensure a social connection

While most traditional recognition programs tend to be deeply rooted in the traditional Manager-to-Employee path, we are seeing a significant benefit from Peer-to-Peer recognitions, especially if there is a low-cost award attached and the ability to provide a social connection.

This series will work to provide insight to the interrelated nature of recognizing great work and by covering how employees see these recognitions, connecting to their performance and interacting with their peers. The blog series includes:

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