Suddenly Got a Remote Team? | 5 Culture Driven Tactics to Engage and Reward Your Team.

Date: April 3, 2020
In this webinar we discuss how to help you can engage and reward your remote teams with 5 low cost tactics you can take action on immediately. Engagement has a direct link to productivity, profitability & revenue growth. It’s also the first thing to suffer if you’re not intentional about fostering a strong culture within your remote team members. As the world braces for the economic and social impact of Covid 19 this webinar could not be more relevant to CEO’s, HR Leaders and Entrepreneurs looking to keep their people safe and continue supporting their customers. Webinar Overview:
  • Learn the fundamentals of remote team building
  • Three culture driven tactics that improve your bottom line
  • How to create alignment, accountability and meritocracy in a remote team
  • How to reward and recognize your remote team
5 tactics to engage and reward your team You can view the webinar here: link
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