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Meet your Manager – Katie Wray

Katie Wray

Meet Katie Wray, our People and Culture Senior Manager here at Bucketlist Rewards. We did a short interview with her so you could get to know her better! Read on 🤗

Can you give us some background on yourself?

After graduating from University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Commerce degree I worked for the government for a couple of years before moving into the employee benefits field where I worked for many years. As a benefits advisor I worked closely with HR teams and I’ve always been very interested in all things people and culture, so eventually I decided to go back to school to pursue an education focused on HR Management and the rest is history!

I am fortunate to reside on beautiful Vancouver Island where I live with my lovely senior dog Sadie. When I’m not working you can find me working in my yard (while devouring podcasts), spending time with family and friends and taking advantage of the activities small town island life has to offer!

Katie and her senior dog Sadie celebrating Sadies 12th birthday

Can you describe your current role at Bucketlist Rewards?

As the Senior Manager of People & Culture I wear a lot of hats (something I really enjoy). If I had to summarize my role in one sentence it would be really focusing on creating the best employee experience for our team from recruitment onwards!

How would you describe the culture at Bucketlist Rewards?

If I had to choose 3 words to describe our culture they would be: empowering, flexible and fun! Additionally, there is a lot of transparency at Bucketlist, which I believe is a key aspect for our cohesive team. Sharing information at all levels really helps to align the team so we can understand the big picture, direction and vision for the company. 

What sort of person do you think would fit in well with the team?

People who want to be a part of and contribute to a great culture. It may be cliche, but teamwork really does make the dream work! Our great culture can’t be attributed to one single person or key ingredient, it’s a joint effort by each team and each individual in the company.

An ideal team member would be someone who is goal driven, loves a challenge, loves to collaborate, help others be successful and has a positive mind-set and can-do attitude!!

Some of the Bucketlist Team Members at a work social in Vancouver, BC

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

I love that through recruitment, I get to meet every single team member who joins Bucketlist. Through the process and by the time they come on board, I get to know them pretty well. Although I may not get to see everyone regularly, it’s a great foundation and I love being the familiar and friendly face for the team. Connecting with the team and having a hand in shaping the employee experience in a people first organization is what gets me out of bed every day!

What’s on your Bucketlist?

A lot of travel! Top of the list being Japan!

I’m such a generalist when it comes to hobbies, so I really have an eclectic list. I love to try new things, as long as heights aren’t involved (you will never catch me jumping out of a perfectly good plane!).

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