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Meet your Manager – Dale Lawrence

Meet your manager

Occasional dad jokes aside, I am a fun-loving operational leader with a passion for improving the world of work. I joined the team in the spring of 2022. Bringing my experience in process excellence and designing an effortless customer journey, I was drawn to Bucketlist’s amazing team, cool product and goal of improving our customer’s culture.

Can you give us some background on yourself?

A long-time leader in operational excellence and customer experience design, my work has always been at the cross-roads of People and Process. I have a deep interest in how things are put together but don’t get hung up on reaching perfection since people and processes are never perfect. Some of my work has taken me into a dynamite factory, a nuclear plant, inside airports, a giant tech company and more contact centers than I can remember. My background is unconventional as I went to music school before joining the business world.

I live in a suburb of Vancouver and spend my time with my close-knit family. In the past few years, I have been coaching my son’s baseball teams, something out of my comfort zone since I barely played baseball as a kid. 

Can you describe your current role at Bucketlist Rewards?

I am the Director of Customer Operations and responsible for a combination of three areas at Bucketlist Rewards; Customer Success, Marketplace and Partnerships. Since this role was created recently, my work touches some really interesting parts and can help as we grow. Within Customer Success, we get to work with an amazing group of customers and find ways to help them be more successful. Through the Marketplace, we are able to find ways to deliver solutions for every employee’s personal bucket list. And finally, through partnerships, we can develop great relationships that improve our product, services and solutions.

Can you tell us how your team is structured and how it typically operates?

While we have a wonderful Customer Success team that has done amazing, we are now in the early stages of building for the business that Bucketlist will become. This is an exciting time since we are involving the team to rethink how we do work today and reimagine how our customer will need us to support them in the future. I look forward to seeing the cool things our team comes up with and how our customers will have an effortless experience.

How would you describe the culture at Bucketlist Rewards?

Since joining Bucketlist, I have been struck by the passion to do great work, no matter which part of the business they are in. There is genuine care for each other and for our customers. You see this in the daily huddles, customer calls and problem-solving brainstorming sessions. Personally, it makes it easy to look forward to each work-day.

What sort of person do you think would fit in well with your team?

Anyone who loves their customer and wants to find a better way, every day. I think this is key to succeeding at Bucketlist. The Bucketlist Customer Success team member of the future will be:

  • • Constantly curious and asking ‘why?’.
  • • A person who says ‘I can do that’. 
  • • Following the simple concept of See | Solve | Share | Embed (See a problem, Solve a problem, Share the solution and Embed the knowledge).
  • • Make our customer’s journey an effortless experience.
  • • Find a way to say ‘Yes’.

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

I love seeing the growth in the team and especially appreciate when someone teaches me something. Everyone’s an expert at something, especially if you consider an expert is really someone that knows at least 1% more than you do! 

“Bucketlist is an amazing place to help thousands of people around the world to find their passion, their purpose and their dream”.

– Dale Lawrence

What’s on your Bucketlist?

I would love to travel around central Europe!

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