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Meet your Manager – Anthony Chard

Meet your manager


I’m Anthony. Sales Lead at Bucketlist Rewards.

Can you give us some background on yourself?

I’m a tech lover, from hardware and PC building to gaming and working in my multi-monitored ‘nerd nest’ for a tech company. I also love working at a fast growing and exciting company like Bucketlist where rapid change is the norm. I was very grateful to have chosen to move from Vancouver to Victoria, BC and become fully remote about 6 months before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Victoria British columbia

Can you describe your current role at Bucketlist Rewards?

As a sales team manager I focus a lot of my time on hiring, onboarding, coaching and mentoring existing team members. Constantly striving to raise the bar in terms of being the best salesforce we can be from our underlying sales processes to how we interact with customers on a daily basis.  I also get to manage and close some of my own new customer accounts to keep me sharp.

Can you tell us how your team is structured and how it typically operates?

The structure of my area of the sales organization is 4 AEs who report directly to me and 1 SDR Manager who reports to me but has his own team reporting to him. SDRs are conversation openers with new prospective clients and AEs are new business closers. The SDR team is primarily engaged in cold calling and other activities getting new potential clients in the door, AEs manage the sales cycle once the prospect has engaged with us. They sell in a consultative manner ensuring the solution we roll out will be a great fit for the customer and provide the key results they need. Along the way we work closely with the product team and customer success teams to ensure we under-promise and over-deliver our results to our customer for every account.

How would you describe the culture at Bucketlist Rewards?

The culture here is world class. I’ve never worked for a company with such an engaged and interactive set of teams.  Everyone goes above and beyond for one another no matter what their department or where their area of expertise lies. Our customer NPS scores are always high (sitting at 80 this quarter last I checked – that’s extremely high). This is a reflection of our culture being one that ensures amazing experiences for our customers from the first time they talk to us right through to long-term relationships with happy subscribers.

What sort of person do you think would fit in well with your team?

We’re always looking for experienced sales professionals who aren’t afraid to innovate processes and help us continue to raise the bar. In a few words, proactive high-performers who love consultative selling.

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

There’s so many it’s hard to say just one.  To name a few

-The amazing people I get to work with here at Bucketlist Rewards

-The awesome customers we get to work with who’s main priority is typically building better organizational cultures through rewards and recognition.  It’s really neat seeing the results of our work making the day to day lives of employees better and better all the time.

Anthony & Jason

What’s on your Bucketlist?

Many things. A few big items are to invest in real-estate (own an income property) and travel to Europe.

bucketlist rewards

What’s your favourite part about Bucketlist Rewards?

“I’ve never worked for an organization where I’ve had as much fun, felt like I contributed as much positivity to the world, or felt so well recognized and rewarded for my hard work. I love it here!”

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