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Employee Recognition

Introducing the Bucketlist Rewards Partner Program – Partner with Us to Build the Best Company Cultures Worldwide!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Bucketlist Rewards Partner Program! As a leading employee rewards and recognition company, we are dedicated to helping organizations create meaningful and memorable experiences for their employees. 

Now, we’re inviting companies and individuals who share our mission for building the best company cultures in the world to join us as affiliate, referral, co-marketing and integration partners, empowering their network and earning commissions along the way.

We’re excited to partner with HR Tech & SaaS businesses, consultants, agencies, industry influencers, and people leaders who are helping companies cultivate exceptional workplace environments.

Our Partner Models

The Bucketlist Partner Program offers four distinct models, tailored to a diverse array of collaborations:

  1. Affiliates: In our affiliate model, partners promote Bucketlist to their network via a unique referral link in exchange for a percentage of the revenue generated from new customers they bring. It’s a win-win model that grows both businesses.
  1. Referrals: Ideal for those who know businesses that could benefit from our employee recognition software. Partners refer potential customers to us, and if they become customers, the partner receives a referral fee. This can be a mutual referral relationship.
  1. Co-Marketing: Bucketlist and our partners co-create marketing campaigns. It’s an excellent opportunity to leverage each other’s strengths, reach a wider audience, and create more impact together.
  1. Integration: The integration model allows HR Tech and SaaS companies to integrate their solutions with our platform, creating a seamless experience for users and unlocking additional value from both tools.

How the Partner Program Works:

Joining the Bucketlist Partner Program is straightforward. All interested companies need to do is fill out this online form to register their interest. Once submitted, a member of the Bucketlist Partnerships team will get in touch to discuss next steps and determine how we can best collaborate to achieve mutual success.

Benefits of the Bucketlist Partner Program:

  1. Co-Marketing Opportunities: Join forces on marketing efforts for joint webinars, white papers, and gated content. Increase reach and lead generation results!
  1. Competitive Commissions & Incentives: Earn a 10% commission on every license plan purchased by companies you refer during the first year. You can unlock additional rewards and bonuses based on your performance as a partner.
  1. Free to Join: There is no cost to become a partner, and our program is open to businesses, consultants, influencers, and professionals in the human resources and employee engagement space.
  1. Enablement Support: Gain access to our library of promotional materials and resources to help you effectively promote Bucketlist Rewards to your network.
  1. Featured Promotion: As part of our Partner Program, your solutions and products will be featured to our extensive audience. This will boost your brand exposured and open up opportunities for direct referrals from our end.

Join Us in Empowering Companies to Create Thriving Workplaces

At Bucketlist, we believe recognizing and rewarding employees is critical to creating a positive and engaging work environment where people thrive. By joining our Partner Program, you can help make a difference in companies worldwide. 

We’d like to invite you to be part of our mission to build company cultures that promote employee happiness and satisfaction. Join our network today and start earning with the Bucketlist Rewards Partner Program!

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