Incentive Programs for Employees in the Healthcare Industry

Date: January 26, 2022
healthcare industry

Since the arrival of COVID-19, healthcare workers across the world have been hailed as heroes. And rightfully so. From physicians and nurses to technicians and hospital support staff, healthcare workers have been providing essential life-saving services on the frontlines of the pandemic without proper company rewards and recognition, when incentive programs for employees are more important than ever.

And, it has taken its toll. 

According to recent research around one in five healthcare workers have left their roles since the arrival of the pandemic, with many more considering their futures. This from an industry that already ranked poorly in terms of employee engagement and which was experiencing record-breaking levels of staff turnover before the world had even heard of COVID-19. 

Moving forward engagement and retention will be a top priority for healthcare, with employee rewards and recognition programs playing a pivotal role in encouraging people back into the industry. 

Recognition and rewards are key to employee engagement for healthcare workers

One of the best ways to boost employee engagement in healthcare is through recognizing and rewarding your people’s efforts. Indeed improving your employees’ experience can not only help to boost morale, it can also encourage high performance, reduce turnover and ultimately benefit every aspect of your operation. 

It sounds simple right? But as we all know rewarding employees can be difficult, especially in healthcare where HR professionals face challenges like shift covering, long hours and elevated stress levels.  

So if you’re eager to introduce a culture of recognition and rewards across your healthcare organization, here are three top tips to tailor your program to your people. 

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incentive programs for employees


How to tailor incentive programs for employees in healthcare

1. Embrace peer-to-peer recognition

For years employees have had to rely on annual performance reviews to get feedback for their work. But in an industry like healthcare, where tightly knit teams are commonplace, peer-to-peer recognition can be a far more effective means of encouraging engagement. 

By empowering your staff to recognize their peers you will not only make them feel more connected to each other but also more connected to your organization’s goals and values. It’s a simple but effective tool that can help healthcare workers feel more appreciated and supported by the people they stand shoulder-to-shoulder with every day. 

incentive programs for employees

2. Customize your company rewards

Everyone wants to know that what they’re doing matters, that their day-to-day efforts have an impact and that their work has purpose. That’s particularly true in healthcare where so many employees are attracted to the industry because they want to make a difference. 

The problem, however, is that traditional incentive programs for employees don’t always reflect this. After all, an “Employee of the Month” award isn’t likely to inspire a doctor or nurse in the same way that it would a retail worker. So instead, why not customize your company rewards program to align with your peoples’ values? 

Perhaps you can start a Care Award that recognizes team members that deliver the best service to patients? Or a Shift Pick Up Award that rewards team players who step in at short notice to support their colleagues. Maybe you could even implement a Health and Safety prize? Whatever you choose, the key is to make your program as unique as the people participating in them.

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incentive programs for employees

3. Rewards on the go

Healthcare workers are always on the move. Indeed thanks to the demands of the job and the prevalence of shift work, traditional company rewards and recognition structures that rely on gathering your teams into one place at one time can often fail to deliver. However modern platforms make it easier than ever to reward your teams and help them to feel connected to your core values. 

Digital-first platforms like Bucketlist can be accessed directly from your employees’ mobile devices, which means that they can access your company rewards and recognition programs from anywhere at any time. Whether it’s during a coffee break or on their commute to work, putting the power into the palm of their hands will enable you to drive increased participation and adoption across the board. 

incentive programs for employees

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