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Date: September 3, 2020
bucketlist rewards app

Thinking of ways to reward employees can be challenging. On top of that, you then have to spend time implementing it! This is why Bucketlist is voted as the best employee recognition software as it makes your life as easy as possible!

Best reward software

There are a number of ways to say thank you using the employee rewards app.

  1. Group rewards: You can easily hand out points to a team, group or the entire company, enabling everyone to be able to redeem a reward of their choosing.
  2. Give everyone the ability to choose a particular reward. This way you can tell everyone that they can log into the employee rewards software to claim a $25 Uber Eats voucher.

To give you inspiration as to the type of gifts employees want, here are some of our most popular claimed gifts using the employee rewards software.

Local Experiences 

From massages and cooking classes, to brewery tours and skydiving. The employee rewards app features a range of experiences in your local city to choose from, which is why experiences are such a popular choice!

bucketlist rewards local experiences

Gift cards 

Gift cards receive a hard wrap as being impersonal. However, gift cards are the most claimed gifts in the employee rewards app. The benefit of gift cards is that you’re able to choose exactly what you want! 

bucketlist rewards gift cards

New skills

Learning a new skill can be related to work; such as photography, or learning how to use PremierePro. New skills can also be personal; including learning the art of meditation, introductory guitar lessons, or even sailing classes. Learning a new skill is something many people want to do, but they don’t necessarily want to fund it themselves.

bucketlist rewards new skills

Company specific rewards

Custom rewards for your company are a favourite of ours! We love seeing companies being creative with what they offer staff. The most popular company rewards include:

  • Day off work to give back to community
  • Free paid day off
  • Swag (hoodie, water bottle, reusable coffee cup, etc.)
  • Presents (bluetooth speaker, standing desk for home, etc.)
bucketlist rewards company gifts


Most people will choose a gift for themselves before donating to a charity, however, one of the coolest ways to encourage donations is for an organized event. For example, instead of people donating $20 from their wallets to Becky in Finance for doing a 50km walk to raise money for children with cancer, people can use their rewards points to donate to the cause. Using the employee rewards app to facilitate donations is very easy!

Bucketlist rewards donation

With the option to do custom rewards, the sky is the limit. This is why Bucketlist is voted the best employee recognition software; it’s easy to use and extremely versatile.

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