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Aug 20'

Improving Morale During a Work From Home Pandemic

How Employee Rewards & Recognition Software Helped First Bank

What do Google, Twitter, Spotify, Amazon and Mastercard all have in common? They’ve all extended remote work while the pandemic continues.

There are currently millions of workers currently working from home. Based on a report conducted by Business Insider, 67% of respondents expect work from home policies to say in place either permanently or for the long term.

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First Bank have over 200 employees who are either working from home or spread across retail branches.

The team at First Bank were looking for new and innovative ways to recognize and reward employees without it always being bonus focused. They also wanted the ability for company-wide visibility for recognition. This is when they found the Bucketlist Rewards & Recognition app.

“We didn’t only want the recognized employee to know, but the whole company to know when someone does a great job,” said Julianne Silletti, Human Resources Assistant at First Bank.

First Bank - Employee Rewards

Since implementing Bucketlist Employee Recognition and Rewards software, First Bank has seen a boost in morale.

On top of that, they’ve noticed an increase in peer-to-peer recognitions with staff working from home.

“Bucketlist is being used more frequently now that we’re working from home as everyone has had to reach out to other departments, or within own departments, to ask for extra help, as well as provide extra assistance to those who are unable to work from home,” said Julianne.

“It keeps everyone connected while working from home, which otherwise could make you feel secluded,” continued Julianne.

In addition to a big boost in morale, Bucketlist has brought out a really fun side to staff.

“A lot of staff use gifs as part of their recognition and it’s been great to see some funny personalities being highlighted,” said Julianne.

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“Seeing managers recognize their staff is super refreshing, especially when you’re working from home. You don’t always get to hear recognition from a manager so directly, but having it so public of ‘You did a great job, keep up the great work’ has been amazing for morale all around the company,” said Julianne.

First Bank employee recognition app

First Bank have ‘bucks’ associated with each recognition, where employees can exchange their bucks for rewards. There are a range of items in the Bucketlist and First Bank marketplace, with the most popular being gift cards and bonus paid time off.

Staff love the program. “The redemption process took maybe two or three clicks and I received my gift card almost immediately… [Our company] have really been enjoying Bucketlist as a whole because it’s a great way to give recognition and thanks in a tangible way,” said Samantha, First Bank employee.

First Bank are a perfect example of the positive effects of employee rewards and recognition programs, especially during the current pandemic.

To read the full case study on how Bucketlist has increased company morale at First Bank, click here.

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