How an Employee Recognition App Can Keep Workers Engaged

Date: October 20, 2021

We recently had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Andrada Paraschiv, VP of hospitality at Trusted by some of the world’s most recognizable organizations, Beekeeper is an employee recognition app for frontline workers - a mobile solution that connects the right information, to the right people, at the right time. In our most recent webinar, Andrada discussed how employee reward and recognition software can help to keep frontline workers happy. 

The great talent crisis  

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Right now the world is experiencing an unprecedented talent shortage. Across the globe, there are a record number of unfilled jobs and the problem is only going to get worse. According to some researchers, more than 85 million roles could go unfilled by 2030, costing the global economy more than $8.5 trillion.

During the webinar, Andrada spoke about her experience of the great talent crisis. From managers using their family members to help them get jobs done, to hotel GM’s cleaning rooms due to the lack of available talent, she described how businesses from all sectors are stretched thin. 

Interestingly she explained how this only exacerbates the problem many employers face. “It’s really difficult to pay attention to your team when you have so many things you’re trying to get done,” Andrada said, as she explained that hiring talent is only part of the problem. 

Indeed, while organizations are so busy attempting to do more with less, they don’t have time to focus on other important areas of their operations such as onboarding, training and employee engagement. This in turn means that retention rates will go down, as businesses struggle to hold onto their best people. 

Communication can be a competitive advantage

Faced with increased competition for candidates, businesses need to turn to technology to help them stand out from the crowd. “Employee communications technologies can help you get ahead of the competition,” said Andrada. “It’s something that can make the difference when you’re trying to compete for a very small pool of candidates.” 

While she spoke about technology helping to improve areas such as onboarding and training, one of the areas that Andrada mentioned which really stood out was when it came to retention. 

“It’s hard to find good employees and it’s even harder to keep them,” she said. “And not keeping them is expensive.”

It doesn’t matter if you’re working at a fast-growing startup or an international brand, retention is one of the biggest challenges HR professionals face. Put simply losing employees is bad for business. In fact, it’s estimated that in the U.S. alone, businesses lose a staggering $1 trillion due to employee turnover. 

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The good news is that communications technology, when combined with employee reward and recognition software, like an employee recognition app, can help. Andrada spoke about how these tools can help to better promote a company’s culture, communicate benefits and improve recognition.

These technologies can help people to feel more connected. And the statistics back this up. During the webinar Andrada pointed to some statistics that showed that employee communications technology can lead to a 23% increase in employee engagement alongside a 20% decrease in staff turnover. Information that will be music to the ears of hiring managers during the current talent crisis. 

Time to roll out an employee recognition app or software

Also appearing in the webinar, Bucketlist CEO Jason Lindstrom described peer recognition as “hands down one of the most effective tools managers have to make people feel included.” The key according to Jason, is empowering everyone, not just managers, to recognize each others’ achievements.

By ensuring everyone can participate you get more recognition across an entire organization. It also takes away pressure from leaders, who can miss some of the great work being done by their teams because they don’t have eyes on it. It’s a small but significant change. One that can lift employee engagement and also help to better connect your teams to your culture, mission and values. 

But this kind of employee engagement doesn’t happen overnight, instead, it’s the result of a deliberate process that involves culture, rewards and recognition. This is where Bucketlist can help. Bucketlist’s employee rewards platform is customizable to your business, making it easy and fun for managers to recognize and reward your peoples’ milestones, achievements and hard work. 

To find out more visit Alternatively, you can contact us for a free demo to find out how Bucketlist’s employee reward and recognition software can help you keep your workers happy and engaged. 

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