The 4 Tools Legendary Companies Use To Maximize Employee Engagement and Productivity

Date: December 11, 2018
  I’ve worked with a lot of CEOs in high growth companies. It’s interesting to see what kind of tools they use to maximize employee engagement and productivity. What I noticed is a lot of them use the same tools. You see legendary companies have the same problems as any other company like employee engagement, employee turnover, culture alignment, and productivity. These problems can stunt growth, hurt sales, and really affect your bottom line. When a company fixes these problems they can transform their company from good to great. Skyrocket revenue and profits. There are some greats tools built to solve these problems for HRs and business owners. These are tools that Apple, Airbnb, Mcdonalds, Verizon, and other great companies use. Today I’m going to give you 4 tools that legendary companies are using now to maximize employee engagement and productivity. So let’s get started…

1.) Culture AMP  

Culture AMP is an employee feedback company that tells you the morale of your employees using surveys created by leading psychologists. They discovered that by sending surveys that asked specific questions could uncover how employees really feel about the place they work at. Then tell you specific actions you need to take to fix it right away before it has a snowball effect. The surveys are anonymous so employees feel safe expressing how they really feel. Plus you’re getting real data and feedback. What’s really cool is the surveys are automated for each milestone like onboarding, exit, and whatever milestone you want. When someone exits you’ll know why. You’ll know if your onboarding process is effective, what needs to improve, and specific actions to take to improve it. You can also measure things like employee performance and engagement. Best of all, it’s all automated and you get real answers. High growth companies who use it are Airbnb, Yelp, Lyft, Mcdonalds, and Oracle to name a few.

2.)  Slack

Slack is a team communication hub for all your conversations. It brings all your communications together in one single organized place. You know how email threads get longer and longer. It can be difficult to find the files or conversations you’re looking for. With Slack, you can easily search for the file or conversation instantly by using the search box. So you never miss a thing. Collaborate Beyond Colleagues You can share channels with companies and business like your clients, vendors, and partners to bring all the right people into the same room. Face to Face Meetings. You can use voice and video calls to talk with your staff. What's great about this is you can screen share with them live on the call to see there work. Then you can go over it with them even if you’re 1,000s of miles away. This is handy as more and more companies have employees all over the world now and when you’re traveling. Integrated File Sharing No more lost files or docs. You can easily drag and drop files into Slack so you can see what other people are working on. Then everyone in the group can collaborate on it whenever they have time. Give feedback to improve it without being in the same room. It's built for every team so each team can have their own channel. Sales, marketing, engineering, IT, customer support, HR, and anyone else. Plus all your data is secure. You can even host it on your own servers to have complete control over your data.

3.) Hubspot

Hubspot allows HRs and owners to track the performance of their Marketing Team, Salespeople, and Customer Support. Customer service - you'll see how fast each support person is answering messages and how well. Even follows up with customers/clients to see how well their questions were answered... giving you a feedback score of each of your customer support. You’ll see the customers feedback too. Also improves the efficiency of your service team. For example, it routes tickets to the right person based on the information they wrote in the message. Salespeople - you can track the performance of your salespeople by seeing how many leads they're generating, what their closing rate is, and how well they are following up with clients. You'll know how much revenue each person is bringing in and whether your new hire is paying off. Marketing Team - you can see how well your marketing team is performing, how much traffic they're generating, what the conversion rate is, how many sales, campaign performance, and just about any other employee performance metric you track.

4.) Time Doctor

The time tracker that legendary companies like Apple, Verizon, Allstate, Home Depot and SurveyMoney use. Time Doctor allows you to know when and what your employees are working on. Randomized Screenshots and Activity Rates No more checking in with employees to see what they’re working on. You can look through screenshots to know exactly what each person is working on now. The screenshots are entirely random so no one can cheat it. And gives you an activity rate to see how productive they are. Internet Monitoring and Apps Let's you see what sites and apps your employees are visiting when they'll tracking time. You'll see exactly how much time they spend on the site and a quick preview of what the page looks like. Even sends them off track reminders that nudges them when visiting non-work related sites. Attendance tracking lets you know when employees are late by sending you an alert. Automatically calculates payroll, based on either fixed salaries or hours tracked with Time Doctor. And more. There you have it, those are the 4 tools that legendary companies are using right now to maximize employee engagement and productivity.
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