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Oct 22'

Need a Company Reward for Employees? Here Are 16 Incredible Ideas

With approximately 50% of employees actively seeking to make employment changes and many even leaving their jobs without a new one lined up, it can be challenging to keep talented employees. Many factors contribute to employee satisfaction, but not feeling valued is frequently cited as a significant reason for leaving a job. So how can you help your employees feel valued and satisfied with your company? The right company rewards for employees can help.

Company culture is very important, so you want to create a space where your employees know they are valued for their time and that you respect their life priorities. This can go a long way toward employee engagement and retention because benefit packages and employee rewards and recognition can significantly contribute to overall job satisfaction.

If you are revamping your company's benefits package or starting a new corporate rewards program to incentivize employees, choosing the right rewards is essential. Your organization needs to select thoughtful rewards that motivate your employees. The right rewards will not just make your company stand out among your competitors – it will show your employees that you invested in their interests and well-being, and that's your overall goal.

These Company Rewards & Benefits for Employees Show You Care

When it comes down to it, employees need to know their company cares about them. Focusing on a benefits plan and company rewards and recognition program that shows you value each employee is important. You can increase employee engagement by investing in your employees' personal lives and offering tangible rewards that benefit a person's health, career, and family.

Tuition Reimbursement

Tuition reimbursement is an excellent benefit that can encourage employees to return to school or obtain advanced training and certifications. This is actually a benefit to your organization as well because it helps current employees gain new knowledge and skills that transfer to their current position or help them become more qualified for other roles within the company. It can also help your company attract and retain talented, motivated workers.

Student Loan Repayment

Student loan repayment plans can be a significant draw for employees. In addition to providing financial incentives and benefits for individuals, it creates goodwill for your organization. These types of benefit programs can give you an advantage over your competitors when trying to attract new talent, especially those that have many options.

Adoption Assistance

Adoption assistance is not as likely to be used by many employees compared to other benefits and perks, but it is highly beneficial to those who need it. It also provides the chance for your organization to express consideration and compassion for employees and their community. The benefits can include any combination of financial assistance, information or referral services, and additional leave. This is an excellent benefit for showing that your organization supports family culture.

Covered Parking Spot

That coveted parking spot can be an excellent motivator for fun competitions or employee of the month, especially if your employees use busy parking lots or have to park in sunny or stormy areas. Whether it's the spot closest to the door or the best covered parking spot, having the best parking spot is prized by many. You can even make a little sign or plaque for the lucky recipient with their name on it.

Professional Development

Many employees rank professional development and career advancement highly when it comes to job satisfaction. Employees want to know that their hard work is worth the effort and that they have a real opportunity to advance within the company. Providing opportunities for growth and expressing a commitment to your employees' career development can contribute to higher job satisfaction and employee engagement because they know they are supported. This can be in the form of peer mentoring programs, professional development seminars, or management training programs. These opportunities show that you recognize them as a valuable contributor to your team.

Standing Desks

Upgrading the office equipment and furniture is an easy way to boost morale. Aim for an easy mix of comfort and style for great results. Standing desks are becoming more popular in all types of offices because they can provide a variety of health benefits. They may also improve mood, energy levels, and productivity, making them beneficial for your employees and your company.

Sincere Thanks and Appreciation

A genuine thank you from management can go a long way in making an employee feel appreciated. It can be in a public forum like a company meeting, email blast, or the company newsletter. It can also mean a lot to give a handwritten note. In our fast-paced era of digital communication, a personal thank you card with a sincere handwritten message really stands out. Of course, you can include these with other rewards, but giving a well-earned "thank you" is always noticed by employees.

Rewarding Employees With Experiential Rewards

Experiences are another excellent choice for employee incentives when choosing rewards for an employee recognition program. Choosing fun and desirable activities and experiences motivates employees, creating a more positive work environment.

Spa Day

Reward their hard work with a well-earned day of relaxation and pampering. Spas offer everything from massages to facials, manicures and pedicures, and various related services. You can offer gift certificates to one of your area's luxurious spas so that employees can enjoy it however and whenever they please. A twist on this – if you are rewarding large groups, hire a masseuse to come into the office for the day. They can offer 15-minute chair massages your whole team will love!

Wine Tasting

Wine tastings can be a great way to unwind and explore a local vineyard. It's a great group activity for the office, but if you don't live close to a vineyard or have few options in your area, consider ordering wine tasting kits for your employees.

Brewery Tour

A brewery tour is another unique way to reward your team for a job well done. They can enjoy good beer, learn about the process, and get to know their coworkers in a casual environment.

Catered Lunches

A catered lunch is a simple but appreciated way to show your gratitude for your employees' hard work. You can reward employees who had a major accomplishment or make this a monthly or even weekly event. If this becomes a regular reward, it is a great idea to change up the restaurant and menu to ensure everyone gets to enjoy their local favorites from time to time.

Food Truck

Bringing in a food truck for your office lunch is another great way to break up the monotony of the office lunch and reward employees for their hard work. Sometimes a change in routine is a great morale booster, and free lunch is always a win.

Ghost Tour

Local tours are another fun way to explore the community together. If your company is based in an area with a reputation for paranormal activity, consider scheduling a ghost tour. General ghost tours and haunted houses are likely to be especially popular in the fall. You may also consider family-friendly options if you have a large workforce with children. Including families in corporate events is a great way to remind your employees that you aren't just about business – you care about their loved ones too – and everyone belongs.

Casual Day

If your office has a business casual or business dress code, consider offering a day or even a week when employees can dress casually. You might also try Team Day, where employees wear jerseys or team colors to support their favorite sports team. Of course, your company can still implement specific rules for a more professional appearance (i.e., no distressed jeans) if you prefer. Still, the idea is to sometimes let employees "break the rules" as a reward.

Event Tickets

Most people love attending concerts, sporting events, or festivals. Offering a pair of tickets as a reward gives the recipient the chance to experience an event they may not have otherwise had the chance to. However, it might be best to vary the type of events, so they appeal to more employees.


A half-day of work is exciting to almost any employee. You can implement half-days for a short period of time, perhaps over a month or two, or make it a monthly or weekly perk. In turn, this is likely to relieve burnout and fatigue, and may even increase productivity when employees return refreshed after some extra time off.

Need Help with Your Company Rewards Program?

Creating your company rewards program is about more than just throwing great employee rewards or prizes at your employees. It's making it a part of your culture through positive reinforcement, sincere appreciation, actively recognizing valuable employees, and increasing employee engagement. So if you're ready to make your organization the best place in your community to work, contact Bucketlist or request a free demo. We'll help you get your customized corporate rewards program ready today.

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