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Bucketlist Rewards: Your Blueboard Alternative

bucketlist vs blueboard

Choosing the right employee recognition program is a big deal. You want something that not only fits your company but grows with you, offers top-notch support, and boosts employee engagement. But with so many options out there, where do you start? 

You start with research. In this article, we’ll be helping you with just that as we dive into a comparative analysis of Bucketlist Rewards and Blueboard so you can find the employee recognition program that’s right for you. 

Bucketlist Rewards vs Blueboard: An Overview

Before we begin the comparisons, let’s explore each of these company’s in a bit more detail and find out what each has to offer. 

Bucketlist Rewards

Retain Talent and Inspire Employees

Recognition should be fun and easy! With Bucketlist Rewards, employees can show their gratitude and acknowledge one another on the go with meaningful peer and manager recognition.

Bucketlist encourages people to share successes and support their peers with fun add-ons like GIFs and Emojis to their recognition posts.

Customized Suite of Awards

Employees love being able to redeem their points for personalized rewards, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, gift cards, branded swag and more. 

Unlike other platforms, Bucketlist has no minimum reward spend options so you can get started with or without any budget.

Streamline Awards and Automated Milestones

Never miss another employee celebration again. Effortlessly celebrate each employee’s special milestones with automated recognition and rewards. HRIS integrations are the virtual assistant you wish you had – automatically sync employee data to keep your program up-to-date. 

Bucketlist handles the manual tasks so you can focus on what really matters – making your team feel appreciated.

bucketlist vs blueboard


Blueboard is a recognition software company that helps organizations recognize employees through experiential rewards. The Blueboard platform enables organizations to offer experiences and personalized rewards, aiming to enhance employee engagement and satisfaction by acknowledging their achievements. Blueboard facilitates the management and selection of these experiential rewards, emphasizing a straightforward approach to employee recognition.

Key Differentiators: What Sets Bucketlist Apart

Here are a few reasons why companies choose Bucketlist over alternatives:

  1. Secure Float Funds: Bucketlist partners with a global e-commerce platform to keep float funds secure.
  2. Reward Flexibility: Employers have the flexibility to give both smaller automated rewards, and larger rewards that are processed through the Bucketlist concierge service.  A key feature of this platform is that Bucketlist has no minimum reward spend options so you can get started with (or without) any budget offering complete flexibility. 
  3. Easiest to Use Platform: Bucketlist is ranked as the #1 easiest to use platform on G2. When a platform is easy to use, staff use it, love it and engagement goes up.
  4. Best Reward Selection: Bucketlist allows you to fully customize your reward selection and they are the only platform that provides totally personalized rewards. They offer everything from a $5 Starbucks gift card to once in a lifetime experiences to a personalized selection of local experiences that’s curated just for your organization! 
  5. Exceptional Customer Service: Rated the #1 on G2 as the best platform to do business with, Bucketlist is well known for providing exceptional customer service. Bucketlist provides the highest rated service in the industry with an outstanding net promoter score of 90+.

Feature Comparison 

bucketlist vs blueboard

What Users Are Saying

Let’s take a look at what users are saying about these two platforms: 


  • Tuan T. says  “The variety of experiences to choose from, with a wide range of styles that cover many different situations for both remote and in-office workers. Could improve on the confirmation process as I did have to follow-up to confirm my bookings via Customer Support, for two separate Blueboard experiences.”
  • Another user says “The site offers many options and the communication is top notch. Due to high volume, it can sometimes take some time to connect to a Trip Planner. Be persistent, patient and courteous…”
  • John V. says: “The wide selection of options to choose from. Travel, activity, food, etc. The options are meaningful since you earned the privilege. I did not like the transaction fees for reimbursement.”

Bucketlist Rewards:

  • Jennifer S. says: “Bucketlist is a wonderful way to keep your employees and staff both motivated, team-oriented and say thank you for all your hard work! This was the easiest implementation our company has tried so far, and so many of us use it every day!”
  • Tessa W. says: “Bucketlist gives a tangible way to acknowledge employees and show appreciation! Plus the rewards are easily achieved, which as an employee is nice because then you feel like the recognition is meaningful! My supervisor uses this program all the time!”
  • LaTonya C. says “I don’t know where to begin because there are so many reason why I LOVE Bucketlist. One, the fact that you feel appreciated by the company you work for because Bucketlist allows the company a way to recognize their employees. Also Bucklist has so many different options you can choose from on how you want to use your Tokens. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the fact you can choose Gift Cards, just Wonderful.”
bucketlist rewards

Click here to learn more about what Bucketlist can do for your organization.

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