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Employee Recognition

Bucketlist Rewards has been Recognized as an Award Winner at HR Tech Awards 2022

HR tech awards

Bucketlist Rewards is excited to announce that the company has been recognized as an award winner for Total Rewards and Employee Well Being — Best Culture Building Solution. 

This initiative, powered by one of the HR technology industry’s most innovative firms, provides peer-reviewed feedback and inputs on solutions purpose-built to serve employers and the workforce. The program has a rigorous judging component with a panel of independent practitioners, consultants, and educators providing inputs on each submission.

According to Lighthouse Research & Advisory data, more than 5,000 providers exist across the HR technology landscape today, with more entering the space every single day. This year, the HR Tech Awards is recognizing approximately one percent of those firms for their focus on creating solutions that solve problems their customers care about.

 “All of us can probably dredge up a memory of a work award that was less than satisfactory. Bucketlist Rewards breaks that mold with useful and meaningful rewards and experiences. One client of Bucketlist Rewards said that the increase in engagement attributed to the platform drives 150% higher performance for workers,” said Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer, Lighthouse Research & Advisory.

“We see hundreds of HR technologies every year in our research. The systems that won this year’s program represent some of the very best that the industry has to offer. Our judges are consistently amazed by the quality, depth, and capability that these solutions represent.” Eubanks added, “In addition to examining the actual technology, we look at the company behind the solution, a client case study, and more to fully understand the value that each firm offers. It’s incredible to see the amazing value that employers can get from the right HR technology partner.”

Jason Lindstrom, CEO of Bucketlist Rewards, says, “To speak on behalf of the whole team here at Bucketlist Rewards, it’s an honor to be recognized as a leader in the category of Total Rewards and Employee Wellbeing. Our team at Bucketlist Rewards is made up of passionate and purpose-driven people who feel strongly about the role of our company in helping other organizations build their dream company cultures. This recognition solidifies that our hard work doesn’t go unnoticed and we are excited to continue to provide our expertise and solutions to companies to improve their work cultures and employee wellbeing through recognition and rewards.”

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