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Bucketlist Goes Live with ADP Integration in the US Marketplace

ADP Marketplace

Bucketlist brings its leading and easy-to-use Employee Rewards & Recognition platform to the ADP US Marketplace, building on its successful track record in Canada.

Today, Bucketlist, a leading Employee Rewards & Recognition platform, proudly announces its newest integration going live in the ADP US Marketplace. Building on the longstanding and successful relationship with ADP Canada Marketplace, Bucketlist is set to transform how US-based enterprises motivate, reward, and recognize their employees.

Explore the integration here:

A shared customer in the healthcare service space benefiting from this integration remarks,

“Incorporating the Bucketlist platform and connector with ADP has been transformative. It streamlines our HR tasks, saving valuable time and minimizing room for errors, thereby allowing us to focus more on building a world-class culture.

The integration offers HR admins an unparalleled advantage. A study by Harvard researchers revealed that employees switch between apps and windows over 3,600 times daily. Especially for HR personnel, reducing these switches is crucial as it significantly frees up time for more meaningful endeavors; administrative tasks and manual data entry alone consume up to eight hours weekly, often coupled with human error. The integration between Bucketlist and ADP directly addresses and minimizes these challenges.

Bucketlist’s commitment goes beyond recognition. Our goal is to empower companies to craft the best cultures worldwide. Through our integration with ADP, we’re giving valuable time back to HR teams, enabling them to invest even more in fostering outstanding workplace cultures. says Jason Lindstrom, CEO of Bucketlist Rewards.

Key Benefits of the Integration:

  1. Streamlined Operations: The seamless synchronization of data ensures HR admins can minimize app toggling, leading to significant time savings.
  2. Reduction of Human Error: Eliminating manual data entry reduces human error, ensuring accurate employee data at all times.
  3. Single-Sign-On: ADP Workforce Now® users can easily login into Bucketlist Rewards using their ADP sign in credentials.
  4. Track Record of Success: With years of impactful results in Canada, US businesses can anticipate enhanced engagement and motivation strategies for their teams.

About Bucketlist: Bucketlist is at the forefront of the Employee Rewards and Recognition industry, committed to aiding companies in establishing top-tier workplace cultures. Through cutting-edge tools and strategies, Bucketlist equips businesses to create environments where employees are valued and encouraged to excel.

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