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About Us

Helping companies build unforgettable workplaces

Mediocre doesn’t cut it. We’re on a mission to help build the best cultures in the world

Our story

Founders, and longtime business partners, Jason Lindstrom and Bart Wisniowski have always shared a passion for bucket list adventures. Nothing fuels them more than checking these items off their list—and they had a feeling others felt the same.

So they asked themselves: What if we could help companies reward their people with bucket list items? How would that motivate teams, boost culture, and drive results? 

In 2015, they explored this idea and created Bucketlist Rewards. And companies immediately loved it.

Our vision

Since 2015, the Bucketlist Rewards team has grown to over 50 team members and have worked together to build the fully customizable recognition and rewards solution we offer today.

Our vision? To help more and more companies create their dream cultures and enhance the lives of thousands of employees—no matter their unique needs.

We’re dedicated to expanding our capabilities to ensure we’re always matching the needs of modern HR leaders—all while maintaining our high standards of customer experience and care.

“Our team at Bucketlist Rewards is made up of passionate and purpose-driven people who feel strongly about the role of our company in helping other organizations build their dream company cultures. We’re excited to continue to provide our expertise and solutions to companies to improve their work cultures and employee wellbeing through recognition and rewards.”

Jason Lindstrom
CEO at Bucketlist Rewards

Our four core values


Get It Done

We’re a productive, goal-driven bunch focused on achieving measurable success. (And we’re proud of it!)


Care for Customers & Each Other

We’re people first and value proper human-to-human care—whether that’s to our customers or each other.


Raise the Bar

We never want to lose our title as an industry leader, so we’re always innovating to exceed expectations.


Achieve Life Goals

We walk the walk over here and provide opportunities for our team to check things off their bucket list, too!

Our Leadership

Jason Lindstrom

Co-Founder and CEO

Over the past 25 years, Jason has designed and launched three successful businesses before Bucketlist Rewards. As a visionary in employee rewards and recognition, Jason’s current focus is helping companies thrive by inspiring personal growth and fulfillment among teams.

Bart Wisniowski


Bart has Co-Founded three successful businesses before Bucketlist Rewards. With strong persistence, Bart is committed to overcoming challenges and achieving goals.

Joe Marconato

VP of Operations

Joe is an experienced tech executive known for his leadership in cross-functional roles and his involvement in scaling fast-growth startups over the past decade. With a focus on strategic leadership, he has a track record of achieving tangible business results while navigating the complexities of the tech industry.

Jane Van Sickle

VP of Sales

Jane has more than 20 years experience working in customer success and account management before landing in sales, giving her a unique perspective on the life cycle of the business. She loves fast change, adaptability, and the architecture of high-performing teams.

Dale Lawrence

VP of Customer and Business Success

Dale is a long-time leader in operation excellence and customer experience design—and is continually looking for new ways to make the customer journey a delightful experience. His bucket list item? Going to Vienna. 

Anna Kishore

Director of Product Management

Anna comes with extensive product management experience building growth products and high performing teams. Prior to Bucketlist, she served as senior product leader in Mapping, Fintech and Gaming industries. When she is not thinking of products, you will find her outdoors hiking, biking, gardening with her husband, two girls and Labrador in the suburbs of Atlanta.


Olga Karatchenia

Marketing Director

Olga brings over 8 years of marketing and growth experience specializing in marketing strategy, demand generation, and channel management. When she’s not planning the next marketing campaign, she enjoys London city life — theaters, bakeries and bookshops.

Patricio Vascones

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Patricio (known as Patio) brings 8 years of diverse experience—from large corps to startups and tech unicorns. As a leader in channel and product partnerships, he blends strategic business acumen with technical and domain expertise.

Jon-Paul Lavender

Financial Controller

JP has 15 years of accounting experience and has put this experience to work across the globe in Sydney, London and now Vancouver. When he’s not accounting, JP enjoys playing soccer and going on adventures outdoors with his young daughter.

Katie Wray

Senior Manager, People and Culture

Katie is our resident People and Culture enthusiast. Her passion lies in crafting an exceptional employee experience for our team. Outside of Bucketlist, you can find her exploring and adventuring around Vancouver Island, where she calls home.

Sascha Williams


Sascha is an executive operator that has worked in the tech industry for over 30 years—from startups and scaleups to corporates across a range of verticals. Past companies include Disney, Unbounce, and Electronic Arts.

Jeremy Wallace


Jeremy is a seasoned Sales & Marketing leader with 24 years of experience, known for propelling rapid growth and building high-performing teams in B2B SaaS. His journey includes influential roles at: Unbounce, Staffbase, Telus, and Coca-Cola.

Our platform is pretty great, too

Now that you know a bit about us, let’s take a look at our solution—and what makes it stand out from the rest.